Welcome to my world.

I’m a mid-twenties, self proclaimed modern day ‘That’s So Raven’, with a thick Minnesotan accent and a daily goal to consume nachos. Born and raised in Minnesota, to the typical white picket fence American family. Life was easy, until it wasn’t.

& here we are. Technically speaking, I’m a newlywed with anxiety, who dabbles in being a hypochondriac, living with a constant struggle to lose weight and find my best self. Figuratively speaking, I’m basically dying, over and over, every singly day.

I dream of owning a large amount of acreage so I can adopt a cluster of puppies, but in the suburbs, and near a Target. I hope that my future family wants to eat nachos for dinner every single night, because I’ve been eating them every single night for over a year & I don’t plan on breaking it anytime soon.

At the end of the day, I’m just trying to survive my twenties without any major injuries, scars or regrets. But… So are all of you. That’s the beauty of the ampersand, and the best part of alwaysampersand. We can connect.