I’m going to freak you out.

I’m psychic. Not even joking, so if you’re going to panic about the fact that I will blow your mind, get out while you can.

Side note with me real quick, I’m sure I’m not actually psychic, but some people have intuition about things and I just feel like ya girl’s got it. Let’s dive in. For as long as I can remember, things will happen that already happened in my head. Wait what?

For example, celebrities. Celebrities are constantly something that hits me in my dreams 2-4 days before it hits the world. Normally, I don’t recall it, until it’s announced in the world- but it’s the weirdest thing, because then the entire dream will hit me. The last few that I recall are Beyonce’s pregnancy, Kanye’s breakdown and The Bradgelina divorce. When I have dreams about them, I’m in the place where these things are happening, almost like I’m with them- and it’s totally normal. Like yo’ Beyonce, wanna go get Starbucks, and also- you’re pregnant, so when are you telling the world.

I’m positive I’m not the second coming of Jesus, or like God’s trying to get me to be the messager or something, but I just think it’s crazy, because it happens all the time. I’ve had dreams about like The Jonas Brothers getting into a big fight in my parents living room and breaking up, and then three weeks later I went to their last performance where they broke up right after. Non-believers will call it a coincidence, I call it “Jen’s That So Raven”

But it’s not just celebrities…

There’s this weird thing that happens to me with normal people that I know. I have dreams that people are pregnant, getting divorced, or announcing a new job. People that I went to high school with, and haven’t talked to for years, or people that worked where I intered, people that I do not have contact with except social media. 

I’ll have a dream that this big fall out happens, or that a husband is cheating (which I was totally right about by the way), or that so & so is pregnant and they’re going to post is on Facebook. Then. It. Happens. Okay Jen, say it all you want, but you can’t prove it.

Except, I can. 

I’ve started keeping a note on my iPhone. I’ll wake up and put down what I remember. One of them was like “insert name here is pregnant! they’re not announcing it yet but on 02/03 I had this dream” and the bam bam turkey and ham, this shit was announced on Facebook two weeks later. It just keeps happening. 

Alright, so I sound absolutely nuts. I can’t read your mind, I won’t tell you your next job, but I have some weird ass dreams about things that end up happening. So, for future reference, I’ll probably know you’re pregnant or getting divorced before you announce it.

Happy Wednesday!

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