What. Is. Life?

Ya’ll, like a week ago I talked about this blog kinda taking a backseat to the “real world”, and right now I’m fresh off of a day of work, 160 mg of caffeine water and a phone call message from Jason Derulo (you read that correctly). Let’s mix that with the fact I cut 1/3 of my overall debt out of my life and the fact that we’re 90% moved into our new apartment, to create the cocktail of “Jen’s life rocks”. The real world’s been real cool lately, so let’s chat. 

Jason Derulo Loves Me.

My husband is a saint. Dylan has fully embraced the fact that Jason Derulo is like a hall pass, #1 celebrity crush, insert whatever you want to call it here… I am obsessed. I’ve met him twice, and he is the only celebrity that I can’t form real words around. Regardless of the world’s opinions on his music, I believe that every song he puts out is the best song ever. Also, he follows me on Twitter, so this is real.

Today Dylan interviewed him & recorded the message above for me. I totally understand that Jason Derulo has NO idea who I am. I totally understand that he has no recollection of meeting me, because he’s doing a meet and greet pretty much everyday. All I know is that in that message he talks about how much love he’s sending me, and that upon listening to it my face got so red that I had to take a lap around the building.

I am obsessed.

Update On The Move:

We’re about 90% moved into our downtown apartment. I am so in love. We’ve been going down each day taking a few things little by little so that once we’re at the end of the month we’re kosher and don’t need to buy a huge moving van.

The apartment is EVERYTHING I want. It’s got light floors, light counters, did we talk about this already? I feel like we have. This apartment finally feels grown up and we’re moving in with such good vibes. We did not do that with the last apartment, we moved in claiming “fresh start” and ended up with a lot of resentment in our suitcases from Lincoln. We’re past that, and we’re so much better. Be on the look out for a real relationship post later this week!

But, the baby…

Unfortunately Ellie isn’t handling the move too well. She’s been stress throwing up, confused why we’ve gotten rid of so many things and so hurt when we leave the house. Actually, when we leave now, she goes and sits by her travel bag waiting for us to put her inside and bring her with us. Yesterday we took her to Sonic, just so she wouldn’t have to be left alone. My whole heart. 

She’s also got about 15 names, because I call her whatever pops into my head. Lately it’s been Roo, Roosker, Hunners, etc. Dylan used to call her Elleroo, and I took it and RAN with it. Though, she does come to Ellie, so I’m not too concerned on all of the pet names I come up with. She can sit, she doesn’t have accidents anymore (except for when she just misses the puppy pad), and we’re working on shake. She still bites us, and she’s never going to stop. That’s fine, because I want her to be a puppy forever. 

Bye Felicia to those $$$.

This month has been huge financially for me, and ultimately for our future family. Dylan doesn’t stress about debt too much, because we can pay our bills, Dylan uses a credit card when needed, and I have one for emergency situations myself. Yet, there’s always this lingering in the back of my mind that keeps me concerned about my bank account (which is something I talk about a lot)… I panic, often. So, I took action.

Last week Dylan and I started talking about downsizing the number of vehicles in our home. When we lived 30 minutes away from the station, it was a no brainer to have two cars. Especially since we both owed money on our vehicles. Unfortunately, we were both under the mindset that we wanted new cars putting us further in debt, but that went away eventually… Back to last week, Dylan and I ultimately decided that downsizing to one car was going to save money, and alleviate a lot of debt. I sold my 2012 Chevy Cruze within 24 hours of posting it, paid off the entire loan today and will be saving about $350.00 monthly on car payments, gas and insurance alone.

No brainer.

Last night, as I was literally sitting with a wad of cash, I logged onto my online banking and decided to pay off my only bank private school loan. While it may seem crazy to pay off so much debt, I was confident in the amount of money I had left in my savings account, as well as the fact that I’d no longer need to pay almost $400.00 in monthly bills that it just made sense to me. 

Along with the gracious FedLoan outcome at the end of last month, my projected summer budgeting came out with me having less than $200.00 at the end of the month that wasn’t going to bills. That absolutely terrified me. “What about Ellie’s vet bills:”, “how would I afford groceries?”, “I can’t put gas in my car.”. I would CRY to Dylan at night about my financial fears and panic about being knee deep in debt at 23 & 25.

Fortunately, Dylan’s also paying loans off lately, and with summer coming radio has an influx in endorsement checks and remote fees so he should be able to take a substantial jump in his financial lanes. Load off his back for sure. Just a month ago, I was begging him to dip in, have more credit card debt, and to help me financially. Now he no longer has to. Along with him, I’m making waves in my bank account. Instead of having less than $200.00 per month for everything, I’m now sitting a little more confidently and saving so much more because I’ve paid off so many loans and consolidated so many bills. Plus, gas and car insurance costs for our house have went down tremendously with losing a car and having a 7 minute MAX commute…

I know I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but I want to assure you that things will get better for you, if you’ve been feeling the opposite of me. It’s a bunch of peaks and valleys that our lives take, so just hold on a little bit. Also, my life isn’t sunshine and rainbows all the time. I’m still struggling with my 8 week “jumpstart to summer” weight loss, and I feel like that’s drowning me in a puddle. Life doesn’t always go my way, but right now, I’m definitely at a peak. For the last two years, I spent too much time in a valley. It’s time for life to go my way. 

We went to Pella this weekend for Tulip Festival! We’ll talk about it later this week when I share about how awesome my husband is! Until next time! xoxo

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