Extra, Extra, we are so EXTRA.

Dylan and I are a mess. Really, we are. I had this whole plan to post this blog about a huge announcement that we had, but ya’ll I was too excited that I threw it on my Instagram instead. So, if you’ve been living under a rock- Dylan and I are taking a second honeymoon, in our first year of marriage.

Dylan and I got off of a cruise ship at the end of February and were dropped off at our hotel in Disney. We looked like death and still smelled like the drunken night before on the boat. We spent the whole first day at Disney with a furrowed brow, because we were hungover and every single person we met had the world’s biggest smile. We wasted a whole day at the Happiest Place On Earth being the Grumpiest People In Florida. Then, that night, we walked around Disney Springs and fell. in. love. It was like the heaven’s opened and showered us with all things Mickey Mouse, and we were all about it.

The next three days were spent making memories in every magical corner of Disney World. And then, we had to leave. I remember the last night at Disney Springs, I cried knowing that I would have to wake up and get on a plane instead of the bus that took us to the FUN. It was the first vacation Dylan and I ever went on, where we didn’t want to go home. It was just this place filled with our childhood, sunshine, and honestly happiness was everywhere!

Going home was inevitable…

So, we came home, returned to “real life” and laid in bed every night talking about how much fun Disney was. Then, about a week later- we bought a dog. With Ellie, came the Jen Salisbury stamp of disapproval. “We will not be going to Disney World for at least two years. 1. Because Ellie’s a puppy and it’s not fair to leave her! and 2. We can not afford another $1,300 vacation right now” Yet, even with my realistic viewpoint, Dylan still pointed out once a day that Disney was the best and that we NEED to go back.

Then, I got in a car accident.

Judge me, Judge me, go ahead and judge me. I got rear-ended a couple weeks ago (I am fine, Ellie is fine, my car is mostly fine, his car is definitely not fine), and my life kind of got thrown into balance. After the car accident, the entire following week was like rainbows and sunshine, so we just decided why wait? (I know that makes less than no sense. Basically, life has been pretty rough lately, and after the car accident we were showered with a bunch of blessings, and life was really kind of awesome for us)

So, we’re going back. Back to Mickey Mouse ice cream, cupcakes from vending machines, a giant castle, parades, sunshine and a little weekend of “us” time, in between the crazy, holiday shopping, family-filled season.

Side note, we were totally new to the whole “Disney” experience. Even mapping out our trip the first time, left us lost and confused. We’re staying in one of the cheap resort hotels, not doing the dining passes, and going to ONLY Epcot & Magic Kingdom during our quick trip! If you have any tips for us, drop them below!

The countdown is on…


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