We Are Millennials & We Need Help.

A couple of months ago, we talked about how to survive your twenties from our parents. They said things like save your money, go on vacations, & don’t settle. Yet, their twenties were not in a time that our twenties are… Sure, those tips are all really important- but it’s different when you hear it from actual millennials. In this two part series, we’re talking about what millennials think is the hardest part about being millennials, and how millennials think we can all survive our twenties… together. Read about what these ten twenty-somethings think about being a twenty-something.

Part One: What is the hardest part of being a millennial?

The hardest thing about being a millennial would be the expectations from our parents. They expect us to have a house, be done with college, and be making at least $50,000 a year all before the age of 26, because they “did it”. Well, that can no longer happen in this day and age.

The hardest thing about being a millennial is dealing with comparison, I think. We have so many ways to see what our peers are doing and it’s difficult not to compare your path with theirs. I also think that comparison to what our parents were doing at our age can make it feel like we are failing somehow.

I think the hardest thing about being, specifically, a millennial is overcoming the stereotype. I think as a generation we’re more genuine and proactive about issues we care about and issues that don’t even necessarily us. We’ve adapted with social media and use the tools we have to make a lot of difference whether it’s with civil rights, our environment, women’s rights, etc. I think as a generation we’re more passionate than our older family members or mentors give us credit for.

The hardest thing about being a millennial is that everyone uses that word to describe you. People think every millennial is some lazy, self-centered, stupid liberal. It’s hard because nobody takes you or your opinions seriously because just because you were born in a certain time period apparently you couldn’t possibly ever know what you’re talking about or even have a respectable opinion about something. (Fair assumption???) I think my generation is pretty cool and I think there’s good and shitty people in every generation.

I think the hardest thing about being a millennial is that the new model of working (from home, blogging, taking advantage of social media, etc) is not embraced by a lot of companies. I think that millennials are really hard working but since our ideas are so foreign to other generations we aren’t taken seriously. Most jobs can be taught on site or self taught by own research and I think a lot of people are moving away from the “go to college and stay with the same job forever” idea.

The hardest thing would have to be believing we HAVE to have it all figured out. Believing that we needed to get a Bachelors degree in 4 years l, exactly 4 years after we graduated. Believing we had to have a career job weeks after graduation. Believing that living with your parents is bad or that if you didn’t go directly to college you weren’t “headed in the right direction”. And also our crazy addiction to technology and social media. We seriously don’t know how to unplug. And if you do, i can guarantee it didn’t come easily…..

The hardest thing about being a millennial is that the people older than us and the people younger than us don’t trust us. We’re self centered, inexperienced, or lost. We live in a time where we’re in a no win situation, yet were expected to continue to fight for our spots in the world.

Plain and simple, the hardest thing about being a millennial is paying for everything we owe, in a world where the cost of living continues to rise.

The hardest thing about being a millennial? Pretending we’ve got it all figured out when we actually have nothing figured out. We go to work where were not told how to learn new skills because we were expected to know them from college. Sorry I didn’t know those skills from my Music Appreciation class, but…. Yeah, annoying.

The hardest thing about being a millennial is being 23 and being expected to live how 23 year olds lived in 1985, 1995, or even 2005. 23 is not really “time to settle down with your husband and college degree, your children and your full time job”. College takes longer now, you pay more and there’s internet dating that apparently takes away from real connections. We just aren’t the same anymore.

So, millennials, you’re not alone… Next week, let’s talk about how other millennials think you can survive. 

*All real interviews have removed the names of the interviewees for protection of alwaysampersand readers!*

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