I wish I could say that I’m just being dramatic, but I’m not. In complete 100% honesty, after 100 discussions and the realization that it’s not necessary- we’ve decided that we will not be having a wedding reception. It just doesn’t make sense. 

First things first, our families are spread across the state of Minnesota. I Google Mapped it out once, and from Dylan’s aunts & uncles to mine- it’s a span of four hours. Now, I get it- everyone’s got family, everywhere. The difference here is that we’re already married. We’re not getting people together to watch us get married and then follow with a reception, that would have been normal. We are not.

So, we canceled it.

Kind of. My mother has been spending more time than I even knew, calling and emailing potential venues in the Minneapolis metro trying to find a place who would let us do everything we wanted. She found one, but the price was ridiculous & no one was paying that much money for it. Like I said, we’re already married. I think it’s silly. The whole back and fourth, “what are we doing”, “what do WE want”, and “what does everyone else want” has just become too much and to be honest I’m over it. 

We’ve been around the sun together enough to realize that neither of us are those “wedding people” hence the whole- let’s get married on an island thing…

So, you’re not celebrating at all?

Well, not true… Actually what Dylan & I honestly want to do is come home for a weekend and BBQ. Leggings, Ellie, a Miller Lite and a hamburger, with our family and friends in the area. This is who we are, this is always who we’ve been, and it’s silly to stand in a banquet hall, with a plated meal and pretend we’re something else. Plus, BBQs are F.U.N. We’re doing this open house style so show up, drink a beer, give us a hug and go home. Wear your sandals, your stretchy pants and a smile- we just aren’t serious enough to worry about it.

We’ve kind of decided that we want two BBQs, with both sides of the family separately, so we can avoid anyone having to travel to a hotel room and pay if they don’t want to. Friends can attend either, based on their location, and we can all just have fun together.

Wedding Stress is SO NOT WORTH IT.

I don’t understand how people make it so complicated. Maybe I’m just missing that part of my brain where I care about these things? So silly. I don’t want caterers plating chicken breasts. I don’t want people all sitting stiff at tables lined with linens. That. Is. Not. Us. I don’t know, I totally get that some people want a traditional wedding, and some people want to have a destination wedding & a traditional at home reception. True, that is what we thought we wanted too. Now that I know we’ve decided on two normal, small, easy BBQs- I feel like this could not have been better.

Is It July Yet?

P.S. Invitations, informal ones, will be making the rounds soon. This isn’t totes planned out yet, so don’t fret friends & family.

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