I’m poor.

I’m not really poor, but once I start paying for Ellie’s vet visits and my school loans in June, I’m definitely not going to be rich. A lot of people go through college racking up school loans with the mentality that “A full time job will pay for this someday” and here we are at some day, sitting in school loans and our tears. This week, I’ve done a little research. Whether you join and work for these places to pay your school loans, beer benders or shopping addiction, i’ve found you all Five Ways To Make Money in Your Twenties (side hustle style). 

1. Opinion Outpost

From what I’ve found on Opinion Outpost is that you give your opinions, take surveys, complete topics and get rewarded points. Once you hit the amount of points to cash out, you can be paid via paypal or in various gift cards.

Honestly, I think this sounds “too good to be true”, but around the blog world- it’s huge. Apparently people are paying their rent in surveys about How I Met Your Mother and what’s the best cheese brand at the grocery store.

I might have to give it a try… Check it out HERE.

2. Chegg // Amazon Books

I used Chegg the entire 7 years I was in college. (Sweet baby Jesus, I’m old) Instead of it’s purpose (which is to rent textbooks for 80%ish off, to be returned at semester’s end) they also give you the ability to sell other textbooks to them. So does Amazon books. If you’ve still got your English LIT book from 2013, I’d suggest giving it a shot on these sites. We all know that textbooks often get updates, making the old ones unwanted, but wouldn’t you rather have $30.00 in your pocket than an old book on your shelf?


3. Upwork

This site hires you as a freelancer. You could do blogs, copy writing, help design logos, etc. There’s so many options on things you can do and guess what? It builds your resume. This is actually what dreams are made of, unless you hate writing- then skip on to the next, cause this could potentially be a nightmare…


4. Ebay // Facebook Sites // Platos Closet // StyleEncore

Simple. You’re never going to wear the bridesmaid dress from your aunt’s wedding, your Junior Prom dress or the club dresses you thought you needed in 2012. Plus, let’s be honest- we’re all fatter than we used to be, so please just get rid of those silver jeans for good. You can make some good cash (I sold a bunch of designer cross bodies and wristlets and made out very well) and clean out your closet too!

5. Babysitting

I’ll never let this go. The most money I’ve ever made in my life was babysitting (or nannying). If you need extra money, and you can stand not going out on a Friday or Saturday night, this is your gig. (Plus, you should probably enjoy children a little bit too…) Parents trust you with their most prized possessions, and pay you comparable to that. Think about your car, iPhone or whatever you care about (Ellie)… Think about knowing someone will keep it 100% safe when you’re not around. This is what you’re doing for these parents, and babysitting is fun. You get to color with glitter & it’s not in YOUR carpet.


(Hey guys, just wanted to let you know- this week was all research. None of these are affiliate marketed, these are just things I found! Also, many of the places I found these- people do get paid for them, so I’m not swindling you into paying me this time)

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