Ruts happen. Sometimes life just sucks for a whole week at a time, and there’s nothing you can do about it other than just survive. Today, I’m giving you sixteen things (really Jen, 16? I like to switch it up I guess…) you can do to pull up your boot straps, fix that resting bitch face and get on with your life. After all, being stuck in a rut only sucks the fun out of you, there’s no real benefit for being a bitchy Betty…

16 Ways To Get OUT Of A Rut:

1. Eat something that’s totally bad for you. In Iowa, we have Hurts Donuts Co., and it’s ridiculous what these donuts entail. In Minneapolis, doesn’t Glam Doll have the Macaroni & Cheese donut? So worth every calroie. 

2. Sit in your closet and refresh your memories. Everyone has a box, board or bin that is filled with memories. Spend some time visiting them!

3. Save someone else’s life, while fixing your own! If you’re grumpy- go donate blood. First, sticking you with a needle can show you that it could be worse 😉 and you’re in turn saving someone else… All good feelies!

4. Waste an entire tank of gas, going somewhere else. Are you in a bad mood because you’ve got the work blues? Just get out! Take a vacation day, or spend a Saturday somewhere else. Change of scenery, duh!

5. Go on a living room vacation. Dylan does this in his office at work. Watch a movie from a different place, visit it on Google Maps and pretend you’re there. Apparently this is a real thing.

6. Buy new underwear. Only fitting that feeling fresh in regards to the first thing you put on your body in the morning would start your day on the right foot, right?

7. Buy those face masks that are .99 cents & an Aldi bottle of wine. Sometimes being poor is the rut you’ve gotten yourself into, well ya’ll there’s face masks for a buck at Target and $3.00 wine at Aldi. Treat yo’ self.

8. Give yourself an hour to get mad, cry, scream and just be miserable. Telling yourself you can’t feel feelings only bottles them up. Go ahead, hate the world! But only for a short amount of time, then kick some ass again.

9. Do a cleanse. Not a juice cleanse, hell no. Those are hard. Cleanse yourself of the toxic bullshit in your apartment that you don’t need anymore. Goodbye to that sweater that Aunt Ruth bought you that you’re never going to wear because it sheds… Throwing away the things you don’t need will free your mind, yo.

10. GO. BUY. FLOWERS. Don’t even argue me on this one. Trader Joe’s has bouquets for $4.00 and Walmart has some for $5.00 and brightening up your house is going to brighten up your life. Just do it. Nike.

11. Work out. (Even like fifteen minutes) Sometimes, you just need to kick your butt into gear and get those endorphins flowing. Endorphins make people happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands. (Thank you Legally Blonde)

12. One step at a time. Start removing or rearranging things that continuously contribute to your rut. Change the little things that you can now, so you don’t have to deal with them all later!

13. Pet a puppy. Or five. I can’t go to the animal shelter, because I think that they’re terrible homes for pets. I’d rather they all lived on my living room couch. I can promise you though, that puppy petting will pull you out of that rut!

14. Take longer to get ready. What? Wouldn’t this contribute to your rut? No. Focus on the itty bitties like your make up, and less on the big impeding doom of a work project. You need to take time to yourself when you can find it. Perfect that winged eyeliner boo!

These last two are not satire. They’re not just “do these, be happy” types of things. If you really feel stuck, alone or lost, these could potentially help.

15. Get Checked Out. Sometimes you feel stuck because your body is just not on top of it’s game. So many people in my life suffer from mental disorders, thyroid problems, food aversions, things that make them feel just icky. If your rut is lasting a long time, there may be something else going on…

16. Move. If you are just lost, stuck and unhappy. Change it. I’m not saying to get away from your life after one bad week at work, or one fight with your boyfriend. If you’re living more of your life regretting the choices your making, the people you’re around, the world you live it- then do something about it. Everyone deserves a fresh start. Take the leap.


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