Life. Has. Been. Insane.

Yesterday’s #getFIT post talked about how I’ve lost ten pounds and only been to the gym three times- well, that’s because I haven’t stopped moving since I’ve gotten home from vacation… And rarely anymore, do I blog and just talk, because all those “really successful bloggers” always have a purpose with their posts- but I just need a minute to get my life out of my head.

Welcome to the crazy train…

When we got back from vacation, work hit my like a ton of bricks. It took a bunch of 10-11 hour days to catch up, four events in three days, a trip to an arcade bar and a Jo Jo concert to get me back into the swing of Des Moines. 

Then a week later we packed up the car and went to Chicago. On the way to Chicago we played this game where we named celebrities and it took us approximately four hours in the car to lose our minds and buy a puppy.

You heard that correctly. We decided to buy a puppy. In the backseat. Of. A. Car.

She’s the most perfect little animal I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and on Wednesday night I laid in bed and cried because I am so in love with her that I don’t know what else to do. I just cry.

Chicago taught me that my body can not handle an Irish car bomb, champange, more Jameson and beer together. This is called a “Jen cries in the bar” cocktail & apparently resulted in quite the Uber ride home. Speaking of, Uber? That’s like the holy grail. I never understood how much I loved Uber, until I never had to walk anywhere & you pay like three dollars. Whoever created Uber and Lyft deserve all the money their pockets are filled with. 

Then, we left Chicago, came home- got thrown back into the swing of things at work and then had to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day again  aaaaaand here we are. Today we are meeting my parents in Albert Lea because they’re giving us all things puppy so we can survive being parents.

Honestly, I’m shocked I made it a week without talking about her on the blog. I didn’t go seven minutes without reminding everyone I was with that we bought her. Every seven minutes, without fail. I’m going to tell you right before we get her how the whole “Story of Ellie” came to be- just not right now.

Also, Tuesday I went to Panic! At The Disco. Hearing “I write Sins Not Tragedies” live, for the first time in my life was life changing. Arguably one of the most known alternative songs in the last twenty years, and one of my most played alternative radio hits- it was probably one of the most “wanted” songs that I’ve ever wanted to see live. That’s a very short list too. The whole show was pretty incredible & spending it with Bridget in the 9th row wasn’t bad either. Life. Is. Good.

I have a really interesting blog coming up next week, because I want to lay out a couple things about blogging and making money, that I think I need to address. Right now, I’ve been very blessed to be finding real growth, while working with affiliate and influencer marketing and that means some of this blog has to change. I’ve tried doing it thus far just under the table, but it’s not fair to ya’ll to not talk about it. That’s coming up soon.

Here’s some pictures of my life lately & how much of a hot mess I am on a daily basis. Bye Felicia. 



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