Right now, I’m drunk.

Not actually as I write this post, but as you read it. I’m one day away from a beach wedding, where our families and best friends get to watch us be married with palm trees and waves as our backdrop. I’m sure Dylan’s on one side of the ship with his friends, and I’m with Chelsie, our parents are all enjoying their vacation, and everyone’s happy to not be in winter…

Before I marry Dylan tomorrow, I figured the world could reminisce on “us”.

September 2012- I told Dylan that I would kick some girl in the face if she tried to break into our artist meet and greet. The next day he told everyone he liked the promo girl, found me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and began stalking my life.

January 2013- Dylan and Jen were in public for the first time. Dylan was 20 minutes late for our date, which wasn’t a date. We were spotted by Falen and Meatsauce from KDWB & KFAN, and I was embarrassed.

February 2013- I sent Dylan a text that said “Change your Facebook status, we’re dating”. There were no butterflied and roses. Actually, two weeks prior- he took another girl out for Valentine’s Day. Guess that was to “get me back” for constantly telling him about all the guys I had a crush on September-December of the previous year?

June 2013- One night I was bored, so I convinced Dylan to rearrange his room. I also convinced him to build a fort with me. And to stop wearing light blue flared jeans. I don’t know why he ever owned light blue flares.

August 2013- Dylan and I celebrated their 6mo. anniversary at Lola’s Lakehouse. Dylan wore cargo shorts. I wore a club dress. I can’t even post the picture because we literally die looking at it.

February 2015- We got engaged, decided to move, started our “life”

June 2015- Our “life” wasn’t easy.

October 2015- Dylan asked if I’d like to move to Milwaukee Wisconsin or Des Moines Iowa. I threw an absolute fit to choose anything other than Des Moines. I wanted this to be home. I needed to move here.

November 2015- Des Moines became home and our “life” still wasn’t easy. We also were fat.

2016- Rough waters make a skilled sailor.

January 2017- I now pronounce your Mr. & Mrs. Salisbury

February 2017- Drunk on a cruise ship!

Our timeline wasn’t pretty, but it was real.

Tomorrow I make my “walk down the aisle”. I walk past the days where Dylan’s biggest concerns was his flippy red hair, his Jordan’s and his light blue jeans. I walk past the days where we would watch movies in bed and eat boxes upon boxes of Mike & Ikes. I walk past the threats to break up, the crying myself to sleep, the anger, ignoring, pain and hurt. I walk past our three states, two apartments, and one love story. I walk past the inside jokes, the reason we call each other “cat”, the stupid little things, all of it.

Right now, I’m in Iowa. Dylan’s cleaning the kitchen. All of the cupboards are open. It drives me nuts when he cleans. Because not only are the cupboards open, but the food’s all on the counter, every light is on, he can’t focus for more than six minutes, and he’s about to start cleaning the bathroom simultaneously. He keeps asking why I’m mad. Honestly, I just want to eat Fuzzy’s Tacos.I’m not mad that he’s cleaning, I’m just hangry. I’m so in love with this man, despite a year of hating him. I’m so in love with who he is, not what he does for me. I’m just in love.

When you read this, I’ll be in the Bahamas.

Tomorrow, is the wedding… We’re already married by the courthouse document & our anniversary date, but tomorrow is the beginning of Happily Ever After. 


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