BAHAMA MAMA- Let’s play in the Ocean.

Seriously though, I just need to get away from this Iowa Winter because it’s dragging me down…. (That’s a lie, it’s like 60 degrees. I just need a breeeeak) This week, as we were getting ready to leave, and packing for our trip, I researched some smart travel tips. Especially for our cheap ass generation. So, here are some millennial hacks for traveling. Practical Travel Tips For Twenty-Somethings…

1. Get The App

Paper is a thing of the past! The easiest way to travel, without having to worry about all the “stuff” you need, is to prepare using the phone that’s always glued to your hands. From the beginning packing stages, to your boarding pass, there are apps for almost everything.

There’s literally an app that you can take pictures of your clothing in order to plan trip outfits so you don’t over pack, under pack, or forget what you packed. SLICK.

2. The Passport Is WORTH The $$$.

Everyone thinks that saving money, and nickle and dime-ing their travel is beneficial. And passports are not the cheapest travel document. But this tip is more about safety, rather than cost. While a road trip to Wisconsin may be easily accessible by land & license, the air should hold a passport. Let me explain here… For $120.00 you will have something that will protect you to travel anywhere in the world. A passport is also not an easily recreated item, where as there are many license discrepancies, and often.

Our cruise doesn’t have a passport requirement, because we port in Florida. I swear though, knowing my luck, we’d be on a Bahamian beach and I’d get drugged. Without my passport, I’d be LEFT TO DIE. (Slightly dramatic) Overall, a passport is a smart travel tip, attached to a small investment.

3. What’s Up With The Carry On

The queen of travel tips: Don’t check a bag if you don’t have to. I’ve travel enough to know that some airlines are strict with baggage, and some airlines basically let you bring a 6 pack of beer and a dog on the airplane without batting an eye. Checking baggage is an unnecessary expense if you get one free checked bag on the plane.

I’ve been to California for a week, to Vegas for a week, & had a Vegas weekend where I’ve used a basic school backpack to pack. This is especially easy if you travel to a warm place and take the twenty minutes to THINK about your outfits.

Really guys, if you get a free carry-on, it’s usually the size of a small suitcase and you can save the $40.00 for a checked bag. Think about it!

4. The Cheapest Airline Isn’t The Cheapest.

If you get on an airplane and you can put your bag in the overhead compartment and get a free water or pop while you safely fly to your destination, that is a good airline. That is what you should be getting. If you get on the plane and it’s $200.00 cheaper than all the other airlines, have to pay for a drink, pay for your carry on, pay for a seat by the window or next to your friend, or pay for a bag that’s bigger than a purse- well friends,  that’s not a good airline. 

You may think that you’re saving money on your ticket, and often it’s about $150.00 per ticket. Which is a lot. Until you pay $6 for a water on the plane, $40.00 for a carry-on, $25.00 for the window seat, $25.00 to sit by your family, and then a whopping $75.00 to CHECK A BAG… You end up PAYING an extra $15.00.

Go for the airline that’s KNOWN, REPUTABLE, and pay the extra money. It’s WORTH IT.

5. Do Your Research.

This is the best tip I could give you, and it’s also the most basic. Before you go anywhere ask people you KNOW about your trip. Not a Google search, not a Pinterest board, real people that you know. Why? Because they’re going to keep it real. Asking your friends and family gives you an actual account of what’s going on, what’s interesting to see, and what’s worth the money.

Google tells you all the touristy things, Pinterest tells you all the Instagram spots, but the people in your life tell you what’s worth it on your trip.

See you when we return from the Bahamas!

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