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I’d like to start with this: Wood watches are a trend that you need to get behind. I’ve been a part of it all. I had the solid gold, I had the white band, I have the silver face with the leather band, I get it. Your wrist game is as important as your purse, your shoes, your style.

I started doing affiliate marketing with Jord because I actually believe in the company and what they stand for. (This means that Jord measures my reach to my readers, and that I am part of their spring campaign) Also, they’re hooking up my readers with the chance to WIN their own watch! Want to be twins?

Introducing Jord’s line of wood watches. They’re lightweight, they’re stylish and they’re affordable. This does not cost a paycheck to purchase, and it matches SO. MUCH. Also, it’s about to be spring (or is it already? I’m confused by the weather) and you have to start showing your arms again… Instead of just “showing your arms”, why don’t you “show off your arms”?

I’ve found, that even a dark watch can be a perfect accessory to a spring outfit. I paired my Jord Watch (I’m wearing the Reece watch in Walnut & Navy) with a t-shirt dress (an actual t-shirt. It’s Dylan’s), a tan cardigan, some sandals, and a belt. That’s IT! Thankfully, this watch requires NO extra arm candy, because these babies steal the show!

No Brainer? Duh. Buy yours HERE!

Not sold yet? Let’s just chat about the fact that you can WIN CREDIT FOR ONE. Yeah, Seriously. alwaysampersand readers can enter to win $100.00 towards a watch. Also, if you don’t win? You still get a $25.00 credit. Just. For. Entering. CLICK HERE to enter!

(This contest ends March 12th, 2017 at 11:59pm. The winner will be getting an E-Gift Code for the total of $100.00. All other entrants will get a $25.00 E-Gift Code for signing up!)
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