I have a confession to make

I love nachos. I love Taco Bell’s nachos, Fuzzy’s Taco’s nachos, authentic Mexican restaurant nachos, etc. Basically, if there’s nachos- I want them.

When I started Farrell’s, Dylan and I went on a diet. I failed at counting macros, and he ate a lot of protein and chicken… We stumbled through the twelve weeks of Farrell’s eating food we hated, then we celebrated.

Once Farrell’s was over we bought chips, beans, sour cream, cheese, ya know- ghetto nachos fixings… We made it one night for dinner and then it turned into two nights. Two nights turned into five. The next week at the grocery store, when planning out our meals for the week Dylan suggested we continued eating nachos.

Weeks turned into months

and our nacho consumption wasn’t just a meal anymore. Nachos became a lifestyle. We’ve been eating the same thing for dinner since March. MARCH. 

A couple things for those of you thinking “they can’t possibly eat the same thing for dinner every single day”. You’re right…  You see, on weekends we normally eat out. It’s the whole convenience factor + the fact that we eat the same thing all week long, we choose to eat outside of our little norm. And although we’re not at home eating ghetto nachos, there’s a 80% chance that eating out is at a place where I can order nachos- and I do.

Another thing to point out is holidays have taken away from the “normal pattern”. Although, my mother did have chips and queso at Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, and my Grandma made nachos at Christmas. It was like they were enabling the beast, and they didn’t even know it.

If I was to actually look at it all on a calendar, I can positively say that I’ve missed less than thirty days of nacho goodness since we’ve began this love affair last March. Thirty days may seem like a lot- if it was in a row or something, but in comparison to the last 11 months, that’s nothing. 

It started as a cheap and easy meal, which turned into a shtick and a wedding diet, and has now become our lifestyle. Three hundred and thirty days of nachos. Woah.

Nachos. For. Life.

And to be perfectly clear: Our biggest married discussion thus far is if we’ll be ceasing the consumption of nachos post cruise & honeymoon. The answer: No. As far as we’re concerned, nachos for dinner will be our life for a long while.

3 thoughts on “The Nacho Game: An 11 Month Love Affair”

  1. I really love nachos too. Only problems, we only have taco bell in certain areas in London and they are quite far. The one you buy from the supermarket are usually below quality. #Nachosforlife

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