I’m sorry to my mother, my husband, my best friend Chelsie, and anyone else who I may disappoint with my next sentence….

I watch the Bachelor now.

I had this whole post ready to go on Monday and I was prepared to admit that I was a part of Bachelor Nation. I was going to share these bullshit reasons about why I started watching but thennnnnn I watched last night’s episode and I just want to talk about why I belong here in Bachelor Nation now.

I hate myself for even going here…

I spent 20 seasons hating on it. Twenty seasons basically annoyed that people would tweet about it, talk about it, partake in a bracket challenge featuring women. I was so bothered that people would support a television show where a group of people all tried to sleep with the same man. I was a hater, and I’ll proclaim that to the hills.

Then I started watching it.

I’m hooked. I don’t remember anyone’s name except for Raven, Corinne, Danielle M, and Taylor. Taylor has the crazy look in her eye and she terrifies me.

Nick Vaill is the worst “character” I’ve ever seen in television. (I’m not even going to pretend I like him) He has created himself to be a “holier than thou” television villain turned hero and it is brutal to watch. Does anyone actually like this guy? If you can watch 80 minutes of that show and not hate him, what am I missing? Someone explain the allure.  When he speaks to the girls I want to punch him in the face. “Oh, ladies, thanks for spending the night in the living room of a haunted house, do you want to date me and marry me?”  WHAT? Also, I’m pretty sure he’s absolutely convinced that every woman in the house thinks he’s God, yet the way it looks to me is none of the women in the house actually like him- they’re just trying to launch their careers. (Maybe this is actually how the Bachelor goes, maybe they are all like this… I’m just new to this whole world where 2 on 1’s and group dates are a casual Wednesday)

Point number two, their career launch. I am incredibly jealous of a group of women who can go on basically a six week vacation, pretend to love some random dude and then pay their rent by selling skinny tea on Instagram. They get free stuff- tons of it, and they are done working for pretty much the rest of their lives, or at least for a while. I want to be done working for a little while. Can ya’ll refresh my blog a few times to get my views up?

Lastly, and the reason I started tuning in: Corinne. Or more over, the crazy people on the show. Every single season I see hundreds of tweets about the crazy, and this season it was her. I think she’s gorgeous though, like seriously pretty. So I wanted to see what it was all about. I mean, this show is like 97.35% staged. It’s pretty evident, like when that angry girl sat in the woods and Corinne had the voodoo doll & got on the boat like all of that scene was even a little bit causal…? Part of me though, feels like this is Corinne. Like the Corinne at home and The Bachelor Corinne is the same woman, and hello- this is quality entertainment. She definitely acts her age. I love her.

Okay, so for those of you that watch the show… I secretly really want Corinne to win, because Nick and Corinne being a couple would just be a hot ass mess for the world to handle. My favorite though, is Raven. I just feel like she’s really real and I like that. Though, I don’t want her to win, because I don’t want her subjected to dealing with Nick forever. I feel like he’ll pick that Danielle M. girl. She’s quiet enough, pretty enough, and proper enough to balance out the ego on the other side of that relationship.

I hate that I’m obsessed with this.


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