I waited a few days to post a New Years Resolution blog post, because I wanted to get the brunt of the “typical” New Year, New Me posts out of the way before I address 2017.

This year, I don’t have resolutions.

Resolutions, in my opinion, are things that you rarely have success on. Rather, you spend an entire year failing at something, further teaching yourself to punish your shortcomings instead of celebrate your success. Thank about that. You make a New Years resolution to go on a diet, lost 15 pounds, read the Bible daily, or wake up every single day in a good mood. When the year is over, you misplaced you bible, lost only 12 out of 15 pounds, ate some cake, and had bad days, well- technically in terms of your resolutions, you failed. You completely gloss over the fact that you dove deeper into a relationship with Christ, indeed did lose 12 pounds, ate mostly healthy but enjoyed that cake, and were overall more positive (even though the annoying girls at the gym got in your way a few times). That doesn’t matter to a New Years Resolution, because you didn’t “do it all”, but it should matter to you.

Nope. Pass.

Instead, this year I’m going to take a different approach. My New Year’s Revolution. My life is going to change this year, whether I like it or not. I’m getting married in eight days, we’re both starting the year with full time jobs (first time we’ve started a year BOTH bringing in salaries), our relationship is healthy, God knows if we’ll move, I’ll be pregnant, or whatever else may follow as the months pass… So, instead of a resolution to have to be, do, look, or act a certain way, I’m starting a revolution. I’m going to have a revolution. There’s plenty of changes about to happen, and I’ll take them with stride.

Now 2016 was a piece of shit. I agree with the hundreds of posts that read “Goodbye 2016, never come back, you suck, blah blah”. I totally back it, I’m anti-2016. Partially because I lived in my own version of hell, but we could add the fact that I didn’t complete my resolutions either. I didn’t lose those 20 pounds. Well, I did, for about three weeks, but I couldn’t keep them off. I didn’t end the year with a perfect relationship either, so that sucked… Lastly, I didn’t really take hold of this blog and try to monetize it.

If we had a 2016 New Years Revolution though, we’d see something else. We’d see that I ended the year 16 pounds smaller than I began. We’d see that I finally got a full time job, graduated college, traveled to California and Chicago, started working out again, met some celebrities, learned how to fix a broken relationship, and got to go home and see my family and friends a bunch. Plus, we planned a flipping wedding and booked a damn cruise. I did NOT have a good 2016, but I did have my own personal revolution last year. It’s all about your focus.

I challenge you, this year to make 2017 your revolution. Embrace your changes, forge ahead in success, and celebrate your life. Bring it on 2017.

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  1. I love the “revolution” outlook! So fun! I started doing the whole screw resolutions this year because I thought I made a good “resolution” last year by wanting to run so many races…. easy. Then I got pregnant and failed that lol! Excited for you lady!

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