It’s been a very long time.

Almost three weeks I think. Let’s just chat, shall we?

Over the last three weeks, life has changed a bit. First things first, Dylan and I have our marriage license- ready to be signed by the judge! Only 29 days until I’m officially a married woman. I keep getting asked “has it hit you yet”? The answer is no. I think the combination of being engaged for almost two years, moving twice, and not actually having the wedding until February doesn’t really make it seem like it will be anything other than a “typical Friday”… Is that bad? I mean, Dylan and I have been living like we’re married since about 2014- so it’s just going to be nice to call him hubby…

Another thing I’ve realized: I’m the Grinch. I hate Christmas Music. It’s overrated, obnoxiously happy, and makes me think about snow. I hate snow. I hate being cold. And other than the whole “spending time with family” thing, I hate this whole season. Fast forward me to the week that we’re home in Minnesota, and then after that- let’s skip out on just about everything until April (except for ya know, that whole wedding + cruise + Disney World….) Dylan and I decided we would be all “on top of it” and get our Christmas shopping done super early, but we are BEHIND. So that’s just annoying too. At least our wrapping paper is cute, and I’m alright with sparkly lights, and some Christmas movies don’t suck, so it’s not all bad.

Dylan  got the rest of his wisdom teeth out and I kid you not, he liked it. He was excited to go to the dentist. He went to work IMMEDIATELY after leaving the doctor’s office, and he ate soft foods for like three hours. What. Is. Wrong. With. Him? When I got my wisdom teeth out, I spent almost a week acting like my life was over. This kid hopped in the car like he was put in the no cavity club and got a lollipop. What?

Also, we got a Container Store down here. This isn’t really important to anything but that place is so damn expensive I can’t ever go back. Why is tupperware and large scale storage bins more than my last paycheck? Rude.

We started working out again. Did I say that in my last post? I did. After Thanksgiving we both gained five pounds and the scale has not being forgiving. I also started wearing fuzzy socks all day at work. No shoes. No problem. I have a whole bunch of stuff to talk about on the anxiety front- and it will need to be it’s own blog. So will a classic #getFIT post… because that’s been a necessary thing to my life.

I have big plans for the blog in 2017….

That sentence was a lie. I have no plans for the blog next year. I just want to continue to make it a platform that I can talk about my life, share struggles with people going through them, and create original content that is entertaining.


As in, comes from me. As in, not ideas from others. As in, be yourself.

Moving on, I’m in a terrible mood today, but I’m going to alleviate that by going to the gym and then working on a puzzle. Because Dylan and I are old, and we do puzzles. Word.

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