There’s been a few things going on lately… Just a couple. Let’s chat.

First, let’s talk about the fact that when I sleep- I can hear everything. Every single morning, the dog whining downstairs wakes me up. Every afternoon when I get home, I get to listen to crappy music bumping above me. Seriously, I hear it all.

Except for the time Dylan fainted, pulled the shower curtain down, and passed out in the bathroom at 3:00am.

Yep. Dylan got a wisdom tooth out a few weeks ago, and couldn’t eat dinner that night. But he tried to counteract the pain that was coming, by taking oxycodon- on an empty stomach. Apparently, that gave him a “wobbly knees” feeling, right onto the floor of the shower. A grown man, falling, within 15 feet of me didn’t wake me up. By golly though, when that dog whines at 7:15am- I’m UP.

Dylan gets the other three teeth out in a week… Considering that with one tooth out- he was pretty much the “poorest, saddest, hurtest, sickest” and completely unable to do anything, I can’t WAIT until Friday.

Another major thing happened in Dylan’s life… (Other than losing a tooth, and dealing with my anxiety- ultimately thinking we were about to break up) He’s letting go. Dylan collects DVDs. Actually, Dylan collects everything. Alcohol, movies, blankets, clothes, etc. etc. etc. But I’ve been wanting a “grown up” living room for the last three months (ya girl has been going through a nesting period- without being pregnant), but I want to change everything! It’s hard to do when you have 400+ dvds in the living room.

He’s gone through them all, Nick graciously let us get a bunch of movies (2,500+) and jump on his VUDU, and my living room transformation is about to begin. Dylan has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. (Currently have five tabs open to find a new entertainment center)

We also joined a gym, I accidentally paid for a month of Hulu, I’ve been binge watching Vanderpump Rules like it’s my LIFE, aaaaaaand I shop for puppies for at least an hour a day. (Dylan has decided that February, once we get back from the Bahamas, we can get one….) Plus I’m addicted to Best Fiends, which is a phone game and it’s stupid, but I can’t stop playing it.

I felt like I had 100 other things to say, but I just want to get in the car and come home to Minnesota. Soon enough, grasshopper.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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