Cliche, I know. But I did it. Finally, after like 18 months of being engaged, two months of “wedding planning”, and basically seven minutes of looking at dresses- I said yes. 

I’m not the typical bride. I think we all realized that from the get-go. If it wasn’t evident in that fact that I abandoned deciding every little detail of a wedding, in order to spend a week drunk on a cruise ship- then it was definitely evident in my wedding dress shopping.

My appointment was at 11:30. My dress was picked at 11:48. That was after I tried it on twice to compare it to another dress.

Eighteen minutes. I prepared myself for the whole “oh I love this one and this one and this one.” I also prepared myself for the “I hate THIS ONE. Oh my gosh, I can’t do this”. And ultimately, prepared myself to leave before I even found a dress. Well, that’s didn’t happen. Wedding dress shopping is easy… Like, so easy… (Why do people make it seem so hard?!)

Let me tell you another secret, I wasn’t even sold on it when I tried it on the first time. I walked out and was greeted by “Oh, YES, this is the one” from my peanut gallery- but I wasn’t sure. So I tried on three more dresses. Every single time I went into the dressing room, it spoke to me. I couldn’t let it go. THAT is how I knew it was my dress. It wasn’t anything I had pre-saved and prepared to try on. It wasn’t close to all the ones I “thought” I wanted. It just was kind of “me”…

So, maybe I didn’t have the immediate tears and “oh my gosh this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, let’s throw up rainbows”…. But I’m not a typical bride. We’re almost done. It’s almost all set! We only need to book a flight, send in the final guest list (NICK), and fill out the application for a license… Like, this is almost real…

Right now though, the wedding may not be happening. Dylan has decided that we are flying on the po’dunk airline to a small airport 45 minutes away from the hotel, main airport, and basically everything we need to actually get to the cruise. Great. I may have said yes to the dress, but I’m about sixteen seconds away from saying no to Dylan.

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