Dylan told me that when I tag him in blog statuses, a bunch of people ask him what’s going on… So if you’re here because I tagged Dylan in a post again- Welcome! I’m Jen, frequently referred to as Dylan’s +1, better half, or the man in the relationship. I’m also his soon-to-be-wife. I can say that with full certainty– because we have finally booked a wedding. Not only that, but we invited everyone too, so you know what that means? Everyone gets to know the nitty gritty details.

#TheSalisburys2016 < #TheSalisburys2017

When we got engaged, I started hashtagging things #TheSalisburys2016. That was not helpful or smart at all, considering we’re having a wedding NEXT year. (Girlfriend didn’t know that she was going to move TWICE- and far away from home, all within 9 months of being engaged) So, #TheSalisburys2017 is now a thing, and we’re gearing up to set sail. You read that right- set. sail.

So, let’s back up. Dylan & I decided that a destination wedding would be our best choice because of the cost, amenities, and guest list. We spent three years of our relationship NOT being traditional- so why start now? We started planning to get married in Mexico-but didn’t want to force guests into getting passports. We moved to the Florida Keys- but it required a lot of travel, paying for every little thing, and didn’t give us much “to do”. So we decided to go on a cruise. We are cruising to the Bahamas people. REAL LIFE. I’m getting married on a freaking island. It’s the most gorgeous, beautiful, jaw dropping place, I swear. I’m getting my “here comes the bride” & I’m also getting a wristband so I can spend the rest of the time drunk on a giant boat. This is what dreams are made of.

Post Bahamian cruise- our guests go home to the bitter bitter Minnesota/Iowa/Nebraska cold & we go to the Happiest Place on Earth. My parents will celebrate 26 years of marriage in October, so it’s only natural that we copy cat their honeymoon. Dylan and I are so excited to get our mouse ears and play honeymoon at Disney World. But that’s not all (cue As Seen On TV ad) – We’re ALSO going to Universal Studios because HELLO, Harry Potter World. (It’s weird though, because we’ve lived together over a year & we’ve also gone on three vacations together- so our “honeymoon” phase of life is pretty much over. At least I get to call him hubby now)

So there you have it. It took us approximately 18 months to decide we really wanted to plan a wedding, took us only one week to get the details together, took us two cancelled wedding venues to find “the one”, but only took us one yes- about three and a half years ago, to realize that this was the type of adventure we wanted to go on.

Get ready to set sail…

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