I felt the itch to blog, and there’s no direction going on here whatsoever. So, here’s life…

First, we’re approaching day 9 out of 11 at the Iowa State Fair. While this sounds like a blast in a glass, my fingers have marks from opening 1200 Kickstart cans, and I constantly have to wash my clothes because I STINK. Progress people, we’re almost to the end. Then I’ll be able to complain about how cold the office is again! Also, the Iowa State Fair is a mini Minnesota State Fair, and there’s a 100% chance my boss, my other boss, and my 8 temporary staff are SICK of me comparing them. BUT they don’t have Sweet Martha’s, or Poutine, OR the MN corn, OR the bucket of fries, OR EVERYTHING. It’s great, this fair is great, but it’s just mini!

Second, I met a lot of celebrities last week. I want to go into detail, but when I type it out, I sound braggy. So here, just listen to me talk about Jason Derulo. First, the dude has figured it out in the concert department. I sang along to every. single. song. Not because I’m obsessed (which I am- disgstingly), but because he realized that singing songs the crowd knows is more beneficial than pushing his new music. Then the meet and greet came and the record rep INTRODUCED ME personally to him, which-hello there Jason…. And then the record rep was a gem and took a slew of pictures, for the sake of my Insta (praise)… And then i casually dropped my phone, caught it mid air, was pointed out how I’m a “superfan” – which I had to tell him I was not actually creepy (which I am), and then Dylan had to come in the room and announce being my fiance, and my time with Jason was over JUST. LIKE. THAT….. Let me just remind everyone that the FIRST time I met him, I was so nervous all I could muster was “I’ve never been this nervous before” and he moved away from me as fast as humanly possible…. So, round two was progress?  (Can I tell you a secret? Since then I have cried four times about how overwhelmed I am that I got to see him in the flesh again. I do this in my office -alone. Don’t tell Nick, Greg, or Dylan. Is that weird? It’s weird.) (Also side note, like this whole paragraph is so unnecessary, but just imagine it, okay?) (Third side note, I’m so out of control, but I’ve waited since the day Greg said I could run the meet and greet when I JUMPED UP AND DOWN and then ran a lap around our entire floor) (Final side note, Jason Derulo wore a green shirt and I LITERALLY wore the same one, except mine was turned into a dress and his was ripped off mid-show)

Third, This whole marriage thing is crazy. We did though learn yesterday that for only $35.00, we can be MARRIED, so MARRIAGE is CHEAP! That’s cool. Now we just have to pick a date because this wedding MAY or MAY NOT be International, and we need to get hitched on American soil first ;). The “plan the wedding in a week” thing went out the window, because we’re paying a lot for not exactly what we want, and it might all be changing now… Whoofta. (Don’t ask questions. BE PATIENT)

The thing about this all that worried me, was that yesterday the idea of the “ceremony” being thrown out was suggested, and I secretly felt my heart shatter in my chest. Luckily (or unluckily), my emotions wear on my face, and Dylan realized that it was not a good idea. He quickly realized that the cost of the ceremony can not replace my ONLY bride moment that I will ever have. He made a point to let me know that he will not take my “This is my moment as a bride, look at my dress, I am the bride, everyone I am here” away from me. We just need to decide how we want it to “happen”.

I know most of Dylan’s family on Facebook, and most of our friends have no idea what’s going on. We promise, once everything is set in stone, and our invites are in the hands of the guests, we will share our information – trust me, it’s worth it!

Fourth, I’m not losing weight. This has become a daily battle, because I may sweat off 30 pounds of water, I’m actually eating 49 cookies. (They aren’t Sweet Marthas, but they are sufficing for now) I wrote this whole #getFIT post about how I love my body, and I’m over the drama, but the three days of weighing in and crying in Dylan’s arms tells me I’m not quite ready for that yet. I mysteriously (not really) had “gained” three pounds, and it crushed me. Turns out, it was all a mess of what was in my system, when I ate last, when I weighed myself, and my mentality, but I let it affect me hard.

Listen, everyday is not sunshine and rainbows. If you haven’t gone through the weight loss drama, you don’t understand how crushing a scale can be. I’m working on it. I’m working on it.

So overall, life is a big old bucket of not Sweet Martha’s cookies, mixed with a bunch of wedding drama, 8 days of 90 degree heat, crying over a celebrity (who called me DARLING), and getting ready to call my best friend HUSBAND, while also trying to convince our best-DSM-friends to come home with us in two weeks! (Yes, we’re coming home. Not a damn chance I’ll spend ELEVEN days at the Iowa State Fair and miss out on MY State Fair!) Life’s life, and my brain is moving in 400 directions, but overall – we’re still eating nachos for dinner every single night and THAT’S what’s important.

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