I’m really bad at the first step in life guys…

Dylan is not stellar at it either, apparently, but I’m much worse. When I got my first “real job”, I was nervous to screw up so I almost didn’t take it. I ended up being at that job for seven years, so it was a good step… Then, there was the time that I didn’t really want to date a weird boy. I was scared for him to be my first boyfriend, and he had already planned out our future and told me he loved me, which was FREAKING ME OUT. Somehow, we ended up in an apartment in Des Moines, planning on forever. Most importantly though, planning a wedding was impossible, and we would NEVER take that first step. Or so I thought…?

In my head, planning a wedding IN Lincoln, to take place in Minnesota was too overwhelming, so I lived in “engagement bliss”, which was just ignorance that I would eventually have to plan SOMETHING… Then we moved to Des Moines, and financially we were not in a place to plan a wedding for a huge group of people, so we started thinking of other options. Thinking was as far as we got, and we kept talking about “someday”. I spent a lot of time worried that it would keep getting put on hold, and eventually it would lose it’s luster, leaving us engaged forever. After finally deciding on the WHAT, we didn’t know the when, where, why, or how, so we just kept pushing it to the back of the “to do” list. (Are we the only couple like this?)

Until last week. Last week, exactly SEVEN days ago, we met with a travel agent. We finally took the first step in planning a REAL wedding. They asked us 429 questions about every single thing we never even realized we would need to plan, and we took the second, third, and fourth step (the entire time laying in bed each night bragging to each other that we would get to say “husband” and “wife” instead of fiance). We planned each step with ourselves, our wedding, and our guests in mind, and started really getting everything together… Over the course of seven days we went from 0% planned to (wait for it) 100% planned. After eighteen months of living in “engaged life”, we are all in for a wedding.



*For the sake of family & friends, we will release more details soon.
Those that know please keep a secret! *


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