I am very good at blogging about the bumps in the road. I mean, jeepers, my last seven posts were about not losing weight, anxiety, the hospital, being a hypochondriac, getting a new job – or panicking when I didn’t have one, not having money, and the list goes on. I explained in my one year anniversary post¬†about how I have become this relatable blog platform, in a really fake world, and I still feel that way. Also, I feel like sometimes the good in my life gets overshadowed by that crappy ish that is going on. I love to use this platform to talk about the bumps in the road and I need to, very often. But today, we’re going to talk about how all these bumps have been overcome a bit in the last month, why things are kind of awesome, and how the sunshine is shining (but not really because it’s raining). It stems from only one thing:

My full time job has solved all of my problems.

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Okay, that’s very dramatic, but I mean, it fits! Before my full time job, I was consumed with anxiety that stemmed from a whole slew of things. First, money and graduating college was an issue, constantly. Second, not having a full time job gave me a lot of time to be at home, alone. Third, being home alone all day in a city where you had no friends put a lot of lonely in my head. Seriously, I didn’t have friends. #lonewolf. Especially since I saw my plus one for only an hour and a half each weekday. Fourth, loneliness in the form of nagging and anger was conveyed onto my plus one, putting a lot of strain on the relationship that I spent three years building, and across two different state lines. Fifth, strain on the relationship is never good because you shouldn’t want to kiss someone and punch them in the face at the same time, all the time. Sixth, I was constantly stressed about first through fifth, making losing weight horrid because hormones love to prey on the weak. And lastly, seventh, I was using my anxiety to cope with being a hypochondriac and spending all of my alone time creating illnesses on WedMD. So, yeah, pre-full time job Jen was a barrel of monkeys.

Now I don’t have time to stress out about illnesses (except for my chest pain, which I only WedMD’d once, and I had a heart attack for a week straight, sooooo….), I don’t have time to get on the scale (as seen in this blog), I have graduated, I get consistent normal to live sized paychecks, which help us afford to go home and live a little, and the two most important things happened. 1. We have made friends. 2. We like each other again.

Working with Dylan has been the best thing ever. Ever. EVER. Going from seeing him for an hour and a half each day to seeing him whenever I want is fantastic. I mean sometimes I just show up at his office because it’s across from the women’s bathroom. By sometimes, I mean every single time I need to use the bathroom. We have lunch dates, we have a whole new set of things to talk about all the time, we both¬†understand the stress of radio, and we can support each other in the nitty gritty of life’s day to day. All of these things didn’t have a place in our relationship before this job, because I just didn’t understand where he was coming from….

You know, I’m 100% positive that I’m going to come on here and find a whole new set of road bumps to share with you in the next week, but not today. Today, I’m going to eat some nachos and a drumstick, turn on some Boy Meets World, and bask in the happy days that are my life.

I challenge you to find something in this blog that you can relate to. Remember, there’s always sunshine beyond those gray clouds, and we’re all in this crazy mid-20’s journey together. What has brought sunshine to YOUR life lately?


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