We flew into LAX in the afternoon and immediately got into Los Angeles traffic. We had an “estimated” drive to iHeartMedia Los Angeles, and it took us an additional HOUR to get there. Off to a solid start! We toured iHeartMedia LA & spent some time with their night jock, Jo Jo Wright (look him up). Jo Jo brought up Big Time Rush, and we spent some time gushing over our mutual feelings for the band. Post iHeart, we ate at In-N-Out, changed in the bathroom, took a quick detour to The Grove for an outdoor mall experience & a Sprinkles Cupcake. Lastly, we went to SUR (from Vanderpump Rules). It wasn’t what I expected…

When I got out of the car, my knees buckled. I was so excited. I had expectations to see the cast, walk into this beautiful restaurant, have an amazing meal, and be thoroughly impressed. Immediately upon walking in, we were sort of “dismissed” by the hostesses. Once seated, we were put in the dark. Now, you couldn’t escape that. The entire place was dark. SO dark. . We were rushed by our server to a drink and meal decision, all of which were very expensive. Dylan could tell immediately my disappointment. I spent my entire meal hoping, praying, just wishing that one of them would walk by. Even if they were picking up a paycheck. Nothing. The food wasn’t great, my drink had an entire mint plant in it, and I was just sad. The restaurant was pretty, I’ll give it that. But it was NOTHING like on TV. It wasn’t bright, fun, and happy. It was dark, trying to convey a sexual vibe. It was busy, and no one really seemed to be friendly (welcome to California, that is not SUR’s fault). Overall, it wasn’t what I expected. Sure, everything is cooler on TV. I understand that. I don’t even know WHY my drive home included tears but I really just wanted it to be a great experience. Maybe the midwest in me was hoping for a normal restaurant experience. Maybe I held it to TOO high of standards. The best part was the back alley, where I got to pretend I was confronting that cheating nasty James. How could he hook up with Lauren and lie to my face? You just hold everything in California to be this “super cool awesome” thing, but when the cameras & lights are off, it’s just a normal Los Angeles, expensive restaurant. Better luck for day two!

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