This week is just a link to the past. I have gotten many new followers, many new friends on my Facebook, and many people who just didn’t KNOW High School Jen. I have been sharing a lot of my “past workouts” or “how I got here”, but there’s a lot of background information missing.

Here’s a little bit of the past.

Now, why do I share that with you?

  1. That Jen, and today’s Jen are two different people.
    While I PREACHED that this journey was “so worth it”, I felt so stuck inside myself that I was even more unhappy after posting that blog. Today, I am honestly, really, totally confident in my body again.
  2. I want you to look at yourself.
    I said something about how you “wonder if you lost 20 pounds” and “what would make you happy”. If you’re thinking about it, act on it. I made so many excuses. “I’m living away from my family and friends”, “Dylan works hours where it’s hard to workout”, “we can’t afford a gym membership”, “we love food”, “we will start next week”. I said these until I got to a point where I was UNRECOGNIZABLE to myself. I was unhappy, and I continued to be unhappy until I acted on it. If you think about it all the time, you need to act on it. There’s a reason it’s always on your heart.
  3. I’ve said it in every #getFIT post. I said it in my past post. I say it all the time. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I had a total of five different people who were next to me during my weight loss journey. Nataline, Morgan, Chelsie, Dylan, and Ali would come workout with me consistently. They pushed me. If I didn’t have them, I would have failed. You don’t need someone forever, but you need someone to motivate you. I will be that person. I will provide accountability, support, and help each and every time you need it. I will not make you pay me. I will not provide you with pyramid schemes. I will not force you to do anything. If you need someone, I am here.

Listen, moral of the story here. I have been the person who sat confident at 260 pounds. I’ve been the girl who has sat afraid to eat out at 160 pounds. I’ve been the girl who moved and gained 20 pounds and felt alone. I’ve also been the girl who’s super confident, loves looking in the mirror, and loves standing next to her man because of how proud she is. I’ve been through it all, and I promise you, you can do it too.

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