I’m pretty sure every twenty something, at least once in their twenties, creates a five year plan. I think I create five year plans every year. Part of me thinks “if I have a plan, I will stick to it”, and another part of me is just type-a, so it’s almost necessary to have a life plan. When I was 18, I created a “five year” plan for myself, and well, we’re in year six. Take a look at how sad my life is:

18 year old Jen’s “5 year plan” (So, 23 year old Jen)

  1. Get Married
  2. Graduate College
  3. Be moved out/in the process of finding a house
  4. Be pregnant?
  5. Be in a career/full time job

I had some high expectations for myself there. I think we feel this pressure at 18 to get out there, graduate college, finish school, and then you’re supposed to start life. It’s just ingrained in our heads, and you always think that it must be followed.

18 year old Jen had NO idea she would have a falling out with her friends, make a bunch of new friends, and re-make up with her best friend by starting an internship. There was no way to prepare myself from meeting my soulmate at a radio station. There was definitely no way to prepare to move 7 hours away from home, and twice in one year. No way to “5 year plan” out getting engaged to a radio deejay. I thought I would be married and pregnant at 23, and all I have is a food baby after I eat nachos.

I think I like the not planned version of my life better than anything I could plan. 

My new “5 Year Plan”

In the next five years, I swear to God, we will be married. Hopefully we will have a house, but who knows what radio has in store for us. There will be a baby or two. I’m hoping we’re comfortable, happy, and safe. Who knows where we will be. All I know is who’s going to be by my side, and that’s the only thing I’m planning on. See you when I’m 29.



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