Long time, no speak! (kidding, friends, kidding) This is my favorite blog, let’s be honest. I think if I had some bikini competition to prepare for, or something along those lines, this entire blog would be a big pot of #getFIT posts. …but the only competition I’m in, is against myself, so we get to talk about all those other goodies in the blog as well.

I just wanted to kind of talk to ya’ll, especially those who were working hard week by week alongside of me, and giving yourselves fitness goals this year. How have you guys been measuring progress? How do you guys do with eating? How is the gym treating you? We’re over 1/4 of the way through 2016, and half way to summer. Think about that. The sun is starting to shine again, slowly but surely the sweaters and boots are going away, and you don’t get to hide behind yourselves anymore. How are you doing?

I have a couple commandments, that have helped me during the big part of my weight loss journey (first 100 pounds) and my 2016 journey (these recent 12 pounds). We talk a lot about my failures, my up & downs, and my successful days. I want to share with you some things that really helped “bring me back to earth” on this all. Maybe it can help you.

Commandment 1: There’s no secret trick.

For the sake of my sanity, and yours, you need to get this into your head. Stop following fad diets (myself included, macros…?), stop relying on pills to “melt” “block” or “eliminate” your fat. (what does that even mean?) You need to read this, and there’s plenty of these articles that have scientifically backed evidence that tell you these pills aren’t even GOOD for your body. I’ve tried it all guys. Dylan and I have taken diet pills, and we gained weight. I took raspberry keytones and they didn’t suppress my appetite, they made me violently ill. I own a waist trainer and all my fat was just pushed down under it, so I had a lower stomach patch of cottage cheese. I tried wraps, and even made home made wraps. They made me dizzy, dehydrated, and itchy. All the while, never producing results. I have counted macros and we all see where that went. There are no secret tricks, I have tried them all, and they don’t work.

Commandment 2: The scale is a liar.

I have told you this so many times that it’s not even funny. I still struggle with this on a daily basis, DAILY PEOPLE, but it’s not fair to anyone to use this as their basis of weight loss. If one day, you have a high sodium diet, or consume extra carbohydrates, your weight will reflect that. If you don’t drink enough water and are dehydrated, your weight will reflect that. If you are on your period, you will gain and lose throughout the day. Hormones, food digestion, water content all play a role in your weight. If you feel like you must weigh yourself daily, try the app happy scale. At least with this app, you “check in” daily, and it gives you a weekly average to how much you’ve gained or lost. Most importantly, don’t weigh yourself after meals. You’re setting yourself up for failure that way.

Commandment 3: There’s no “perfect” workout.

I commented on this in my last #getFIT post. “If you use the weight machines, you will not get a good workout” “If you lift, you’ll get bulky” “cardio will make you the skinniest” “running isn’t good for you body”. I can personally prove that all of those are false. I can also personally prove that all of those are true. There are online studies about every single one of those things, on both sides of the issue. Listen to none of them. Don’t even listen to me if it’s not working for you. Listen to your body. The best thing you can do for yourself is try something. Did the elliptical make you sweat? GOOD WORKOUT. Were you sore for six days after squats? GOOD WORKOUT. Did running on the treadmill make your knees hurt? BAD WORKOUT. Do what’s best for you and your body. Side note, the gym is NOT the be all end all. There are SO many video and online resources. Those Beachbody videos are AWESOME workouts. So is P90X. But they aren’t made for everyone. YOUR BODY, YOUR WORKOUT. 

Commandment 4: Don’t forget to live.

This body is the only body you have. Trying to stay afloat, struggling constantly, and stressed about your weight, is going to take away from your quality of life. I have watched friends skip out on birthday parties because they didn’t want to “undo progress”. I personally have feared “date nights” because of where Dylan could choose to get food. You’re correct, cheat meals can lead to behavior where you lose your drive to keep going in your workout journey. But you’re wrong in fearing actually living your life. You didn’t gain all the weight you’re working off in one meal, one day, or one celebration. You have this body and this life, and it’s the only one you get. It’s so important to keep the balance.

Commandments can do the body good, what are yours?

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