Life. is. Life.

I wrote this whole blog extremely sarcastically, about how great my life was, with my new job and weight loss and vacation coming up… I wrote it post-workout, on an endorphin high, and planned on posting it to basically let you all know how fantastic my entire existence is.

Then the universe shit all over me. It took not one, but two internships away from me. I never ever planned on going to college at the same time as my brother, who’s seven years younger than me, but we are well on our way. Then I realized I drop one nanny job (part time) in May, and I will need to try to make up that lack of money (said money was supposed to come in the form of my paid internships, that are gone….). wow, life.

It’s all good though. Here’s ten things I am doing to get myself out of the funk.

  1. Buy a Diet Coke. Most of you white girls can only be healed by a good Starbs run, but this girl needs a good ol’ D. Coke in her veins. (Please sponsor my blog)
  2. Book a vacation for you and your fiancĂ©, force said fiancĂ© who makes more money than you, pay for it, then tell him it’s his birthday present. xoxo, poor girl.
  3. Listen to 2008 rap music to relive old high school Fridley dances. Pretend you’re there, and not actually socially awkward and 260 pounds anymore.
  4. Take a nap. Naps fix everything.
  5. Go to Target. Literally, remove yourself from your bedroom, where you lay and wallow in self pity. Check every end cap and clearance section, then spend $125 you don’t have. You’ll be so happy to have bought that golden ceramic egg for next Easter. You definitely won’t purge it before then….
  6. Get a cool job where you literally play at a hockey rink during a professional game. (or maybe this one is just me…)
  7. Post a blog to make yourself feel better. (Welcome to the party)
  8. Eat Nachos. Nachos fix more than even a nap could. Nachos fix the hole in your heart.
  9. Work out. Listen, some of you like squats, like me. Some of you just literally need to punch a bag. The aggression is real.
  10. If all else fails, creep all over the Facebook. Someone’s life is more rough than yours. Buck up, because you need to realize it could be worse.

Did I just talk myself out of a sucky life moment? You bet your bottom dollar. Side note, anyone need an intern for the summer? Bonus if I can intern for you online…

In the words of Mrs. Leibfreid: “Make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours”.

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