1. I just reeeeeeally need to work on connecting with people I love right now. Poor Hannah texted me three weeks ago, and I just never responded. It’s weird, I’ve felt this “lonely, winter blues, crappy weather” business going on, and instead of reaching out to my friends, I shut them out. (Jen is back and better than ever though) I plan on connecting with ya’ll soon, please love me again, and tell me all about your lives.
  2. Fitness? Goal? Shocker. NOT. We are going to California in SIXTY days, and this is my goal on goal on goal right now. I need to get myself into shape. Have you seen the people in California? I can’t help that I’m going to be the whitest person to ever step foot in the state, but I can help how fit I am. Let’s get it.

Total side note: Anyone as white as me have anything I can use for self tanner, or recommend a good spray tan place? I don’t want to be orange, and the last time I used a self tanner I had more stripes than a tiger & wore sweatshirts for three weeks.

Welcome to April!

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