It’s been a LONG twelve weeks of 2016. I’ve struggled, then had success, then struggled some more & ya’ll have been along for the entire ride. Today’s post purpose was going to be what I’m doing during my gym workouts recently. I’ve had a couple girls Facebook message me what a good “gym starter kit” would be, and I feel like those machines in the gym can be intimidating.

Thennnn I woke up and heard “woah, you’re getting really skinny” from Dylan. (Thanks boo, for being my number one fan) I’ve felt pretty lean lately, and have worked about 51 hours in the last week, so I’ve been on the move. I’ve been trying to cut down on my scale usage, (while Dylan weighs himself three times a day, LOL) so when I got on the scale I was expecting for the worst.

Ten. Pounds. Down.

I jumped up and down and squealed. Then I jumped on the bed. Then Dylan rolled his eyes at me. Only 13 more pounds until I’m back to my “pre Lincoln weight”, and the best shape I’ve ever been in. My goal? Lose ten pounds before we leave for California (mainly so I don’t have to purchase Spanx)…

So, what am I doing? Not Farrell’s anymore (though I actually really miss it). I guess I’m just moving more for work, plus watching my calories (and ONLY calories), and doing two to three days of lifting a week, for about an hour.

The machines are all labeled, and in most gyms. (I’ve been told that machines don’t give you as good of a pump as free weights, stay tuned for a blog post about that) I use SnapFitness, so I know that they’re even in basic gyms. Don’t be scared about using these machines. They look intimidating, but I’ve chosen & use ones that don’t have too much going on, where you’re afraid to sit on them. These workouts are not hard, but they’re intense, and I get a really good burn from it. (Leg day left me in pain from Monday through Thursday). I don’t worry about isolating my arms or legs as much as competitors do, I just separate top & bottom half of my body on different days.

We’re kicking butt guys, and we’re half way to summer! We can do it!


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