Do you ever wake up one morning and decide that before the day is over you’re going to book a flight to a different state? No, just me? Well, then that makes one of us here, doesn’t it? Well, yesterday I had this “travel bug” type of feeling going on, which is weird because I’m a pretty big homebody. I would prefer to stay home in sweatpants and watching How I Met Your Mother reruns over anything. It got so bad yesterday that I drove to the gas station and around the neighborhood because I “needed to go on an adventure”. That was sufficient enough for me.

Today was different. Today I decided that before the day was over, I was going to book two tickets somewhere for Dylan’s birthday. Now, Dylan’s birthday isn’t until June. I also usually “plan” for Dylan’s birthday, about fifteen minutes beforehand. This year I decided I wanted to do something a little different, i guess. You see, we’ve been to both Vegas and Chicago in the last four months, and I paid a combined total of $50 for those trips (yes, that includes my plane ticket and hotel stays). I get treated very well when we vacation. I decided that instead of buying Dylan another “thing” that he doesn’t need, I’d buy him a trip to a place he wants to go.

Dylan’s list of “Places to visit” is like 43 cities long. If I don’t start helping him knock them out, I have a feeling that I’m going to be the one that suffers. So, Happy Birthday Dylan, because we’re going to Seattle in June!

Looks like we have some “for real” motivation on the #getFIT track! Can’t wait!

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