This last weekend we went on a little green getaway to Dylan’s favorite city, Chicago. It was so much fun. Dylan and I rarely get to have just time to relax and enjoy each other’s company, and green is like my second favorite color so it was awesome!

Friday we arrived at about 8:00. I made a comment about something going wrong, and made a second comment about “I wonder if there’s any protests in the city”. Why did I say that? Because I’m That’s so Raven, and I knew, that’s why. I got on Twitter and proceeded to learn that not only were there some presidential candidates in Chicago, but there was a HUGE protest at the Trump rally. So, panic ensued. First, I’m not FROM here, so I had no idea where this protest was. (or where I was) I assumed it was outside of our hotel room. Second, I have anxiety. So as soon as I found out anything was going on, I shook like a leaf and became a “worst possible scenario” girl. I was literally planning my funeral after I upset someone on the sidewalk and got stabbed… Luckily, it was four miles away from us, and I was freaking out for nothing. Story of my life. (Now, I’m not saying that I’m opposed to people expressing their opinions, or whatnot. I just was in an unfamiliar place, at night, and was uncomfortable. Rightfully so) We checked into our hotel room, then wandered aimlessly until our phones died, then settled on dinner at the hotel restaurant (after we walked like four miles). I ate overly priced soup, which I could have gotten at Panera. Dylan got some fancy buffalo wings, which could be purchased at Buffalo Wild Wings. We are too predictable for our own good. Solid start to our vacation, and “branching out”…

Saturday morning I got woken up around 7:00, told to hurry up because there’s a green river to see! After waiting over an hour (because some of us don’t know start times…) we got to see the spectacle. The Michael Ray concert. Just kidding, but the river was amazing. Then we walked around and Dylan spent money on things he didn’t need (his favorite hobby), we ate some deep dish pizza (Chicago, duh) and then I got to take a nap (my favorite hobby). Then, the party started. The next five hours were filled with green beer, 200 ounces to be exact, and a fancy dinner. Not even kidding, Dylan had calamari & filet mignon. (Radio perks, guys) then we stumbled into an elevator, went up 94 floors, and I watched Dylan have a heights induced panic attack, while he repeated over and over that he loved me so much. Then we went to bed. At 9:30pm. Literally, we spent five hours doing things since our afternoon nap and we were ready for bed. I love being grandparents in our 20’s. 

Since the weather was crappy Sunday, we got in the car and came home. We played hours of heads up & hypothetical questions, while fighting about what to name our future children. What a fun little weekend trip with my other half. hashtag relationship goals. 

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