Okay, I’m 100% sure that this is the type of post that every single girl WANTS to read when she’s single, and that every girl in a relationship can relate to. Not really. That was a joke. I’ve had a “mine” for three years, and we’ve been in each other’s lives for a little more than that. I’ve been weighing heavier because of a diamond on my finger for a year, and have loaded and unloaded two different U-Hauls in this time frame. Yet, this blog is filled with the quirky, crappy, and embarrassing things that Dylan does. Sometimes I brag about “actually having a date night”, but in reality he’s so much more. So here’s my shameless, once in a lifetime blog post about WHY Dylan is really my second half, and only giving you five QUICK reasons to SPARE your night.


  1. Dylan is DRIVEN. He told me that his biggest motivators were his friend who said he’d “never be in radio” and some girl who said “he’d never be more than a friend”. That girl was an idiot. He puts himself in the position to succeed and doesn’t let anything get in his way. Sometimes I feel like he’s TOO driven, because if someone cuts him off on the highway, all of a sudden I’m going 85mph as Dylan is screaming obscenities. Or when he’s so driven to clean the house all of a sudden it’s 11:45pm and all of the contents of the closet are all over the floor. I have to recognize that even if some goals are little goals, at least he’s setting goals for us. 
  2. Dylan is old. A 22 year old body-a 55 year old mentality. We sit at home on Friday nights with slippers on, sipping on wine, and talking about the weather. This is real life. We once played monopoly too. At 21 years old Dylan was purchasing an engagement ring. Everyone else his age was buying beer. He asks me at least three times a week to start a family with him. Dylan is ready for forever, and for that I am incredibly blessed.
  3. Dylan is present. I talk about my body confidence issues more than anyone I’ve ever met. After hiding how I really felt for three years, it’s a huge release to be able to blog about it. The downside is that it doesn’t end when I post a blog. Dylan is there at 1:30am when I step on the scale in tears, there when I look at old pictures and panic about getting back to that place, there when I just don’t WANT to get out of bed to workout. He’s never discounted my feelings for something that physically HURTS me inside, and that’s really important. Living with someone who’s got a lot of self confidence issues is hard, especially when you can’t see them, and even more so when it’s someone who is VERY vocal about it. He’s a champ, and he doesn’t disappear on me.
  4. Dylan fails too. I didn’t move to Lincoln and gain weight alone. I don’t sometimes skip a workout because it’s a Saturday ALONE. I’m not the only one who hates the number on the scale some days. I’m not the only one who worries about the bank account, the state of the apartment, or when we’ll get to go home next. I think this whole illusion that “the man needs to have a six pack, a typical job, and can’t ever cry” is a load of crap. I appreciate Dylan BECAUSE he fails too. Life would not be fun if Dylan had his life together and I just rolled around on the floor in a heap of failure.
  5. Dylan passes the “checklist”. You know, growing up I never had that “checklist” of what my person was supposed to have before I would be with them. Yet, Dylan checks of all of those things, it’s just that I’m discovering my checklist as we’re going through this life together. He’s honest, trustworthy, real. He’s strong, sensitive, and loving. Check after check, checking off my checklist.

This is far beyond the “Dylan likes Mcdonald’s, Dylan likes my butt, Dylan buys me presents” type of thing. This is the nitty gritty, the ugly, the real life type stuff. Sure, the fact that Dylan will NEVER turn down Taco Bell, and the fact that batting my eyelashes literally gets him to go BUY me Diet Coke is nice, it’s not everything. These are some pretty incredible things I’m getting in my future hubby. Love you cat.


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