I had my first #getFIT – 7 up for about three hours, but my heart wasn’t in it. I do not want to discount macros for the success it’s given me. I also do not want to talk about “disordered eating” as if I was stuck in a very terrible situation, which I was not. I also want to explain this in the best way I can without being too “preachy”. This last week, I hit my breaking point with macros, IIFYM, the “lack of success”, and basically my fitness journey. So, let’s chat.

Each week I spend a significant amount of time “working with my macros”. This is what I’m doing:
Wednesday-Thursday: Write out each and every item of food I plan on eating the next week (See pictures above). I write down the calorie content, the amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, and combine it with other ingredients to make my “meals”. This is extensive, seriously. I then combine all of the numbers to make it into my daily totals, and then add each daily total to a weekly total. Then I make a grocery list. This whole process takes me anywhere between two and four hours. Last week I sat at the computer from 6:00-9:30 when Dylan got home.
Saturday: Saturdays are usually “Jen and Dylan grocery days”. We buy our chicken and meats on Saturday so that’s it’s ready to be cooked on Sunday. Our shopping usually takes us an hour to follow my list.
Sunday: We cook meats, weigh them and sort them into containers. I weigh all the cheese slices, the tortillas, the turkey, every single thing. I have about 40 different foods on the counter and I’m a mad woman. I section things into tupperware or plastic baggies and then put each day of food into one labeled gallon bag, where it sits in the fridge until the “day of” to be eaten. This takes about two and a half hours on a Sunday for all of Dylan’s cooking and all of my prepping.
If you weren’t mentally keeping track, I spend between 5.5 and 7.5 hours a week preparing the food I’m going to eat the next week. 

Here’s why macros stopped working for me:
The amount of time that I spend prepping /micromanaging my food could be spent loving Dylan, learning a skill, or taking a nap (lol). I prep for Friday, and when Friday comes I no longer want to eat that. I eat the same things everyday, and I hate it. I should’t hate eating. I shouldn’t hate chicken breast. I hate NOTHING as much as I hate chicken breast. I have a lot of anxiety about fitness and food (I kind of always have) & it’s starting to become a REAL panic again, one that used to be VERY prominent in the middle of my weight loss journey (around 2013). The main reason why I’m not counting macros anymore is because I don’t want to start seeing food as only numbers again… So for now, macros are going to take a backseat in my life. Does that mean I’m done counting macros forever? I don’t know. This whole “journey” thing really is day by day isn’t it? Why isn’t life rainbows and butterflies 24/7?

Sooo… What does week EIGHT look like?

Week eight’s going to be a “challenge of balance”. I’m going to balance a certain amount of calories, increase my amount of protein, and continue with my hydration. I know my BMR and what I’m burning at a class. I want to make it very clear that I am NOT crash dieting. I’ve spent SO much time researching, SO much time learning, and have had SO many trial and errors that I feel like I can get a good handle on “what I used to do”, “what I currently do” and “what my body needs”.  This is a journey FOR SURE. Onto week eight!

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