Your girl is about to jump on a rant here, but bear with me.

I like selfies.

I like sharing my life.

I like talking about my fitness journey.

I post about this on a blog, on all of my formats of social media. I am incredibly vulnerable in doing so, and yet there’s this “stigma” about it all. WHY?

I’m not a fan of the fact that a female can’t post a selfie without being told she’s “seeking attention”. News Flash: Every single internet post is seeking attention. There’s nothing that gets posted on the internet, anywhere, ever that doesn’t intend to get some type of reaction. So you’re correct. I do want attention for my selfie. I want to be told I look like a freaking goddess of the sun or something. I want you to know that after taking approximately 429 pictures of my face, I have found a light that makes me look like I’m shining brighter than a damn star. I post it because I feel like I’m a hot piece of ass, so please, don’t let me know I’m seeking attention, I realize that. And yes, I continue to post selfies and my mom never likes them, so obviously I’m not doing well with the attention seeking part here but maybe someday… Ladies, post your damn face all up and down social media and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not okay. Selfie shaming is disgusting. LOOK AT MY FACE AND ENJOY IT.

I’m also not a fan of the fact that posting a picture about anything implies that I’m bragging. Are you an idiot? You think I waited fourteen hours to meet One Direction because it was good for my health? Jesus Christ people, of course I’m bragging. I went to the airport last weekend at midnight to pick up a pop star, and babysat her for 24 hours. The hell if I’m not going to brag about it on the internet. This is 2016. This is news. I got a cheeseburger cake for my birthday last year and if I didn’t show everyone, people wouldn’t ever have known that for one time in our entire relationship Dylan listened to what I liked. Of course I’m going to brag about that. And I own a couple designer things, so WHAT, I don’t post my Walmart earrings. You’re welcome. Did I miss the part where that’s not actually what the internet is for?

Lastly, and most importantly, I’m not a fan of the fact that it’s all of a sudden not okay for me to share my fitness journey. Now, I post a lot of “comparison pictures” and I get that. Dylan likes to make fun of the fact that I make collages, like daily. First, this is self motivation. I lived 19 years hidden in a body. Losing weight and then gaining weight and now losing weight again in a HUGE life journey. It’s huge for my body, my confidence, my self worth, my day to day living, etc. Posting it on the internet is something that helps to motivate me, keep me on track, and remind myself that if I feel icky today, it’s only temporary. It’s nice to know how far I’ve gone. Also, sharing my journey actually does “help” people. (No, I’m unfortunately not Jillian Michael’s and no, I can’t give you a six pack in six minutes) I’ve had about 15 girls from High School, moms from the Y, old co-workers, and my best friends look at my journey and want to make a change. They reach out to me, THANKING me for being open and honest. People ask questions and see that it’s not only celebrities or Instagram famous models. It’s nice to know that you can relate to “real”, isn’t it?  I have a lot of cellulite, tons of fluff, and cry real tears over my body. We all collectively feel lost some days, and want to push ourselves harder. If my side by side collages can motivate you, then why would I stop? If sharing about my meals, my macros, my workouts, my struggles, my strengths, and my victories HELPS someone, why would I stop?

I just don’t get it. I don’t get why it’s become this issue. I say selfie it up, brag about the good things in your life, and lets all jump on our journeys together. Share about your jobs, marriages, life changes, and the cool shit you get to do. Please always share videos of puppies, most importantly. I love when people share their lives, that is actually why I stalk social media for seven hours a day. Maybe all of these haters could log out and back away from the internet for a while, because I think they’re missing the point.



3 thoughts on “Policing Social Media”

  1. Wow.. It’s like you’re FORCING people to read your blog and be your Facebook friend!
    Here’s some old lady advice for the young world (because I was called a cougar today..): If it annoys you, unfollow, unfriend. Good Lord, lose the negativity!

    You keep doing what you’re doing! I love it!

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