You know how sometimes you feel like there’s a giant rain cloud following you around & that you’re pretty much the Eeyore of life? This last week has been a little bit like that. Now, let me mention something: I get messages after EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST telling me how much people relate to me, and yet I continue to only post when life is rainbows and butterflies. What’s life if it’s not honest? So here’s life lately:

  1. Sickness & Hospitals. Well friends, Jen is allergic to eggs. Maybe just raw eggs & maybe just egg whites, but I’m not about to start shoving eggs down my throat to test this theory because that wasn’t a good time for me. (I NEVER had a reaction like that from apples, like I will take my apple rash every day of my life if I never have to deal with an egg reaction again. Someone send me an epi pen.) I ate cookie dough. Cookie dough says ON THE LABEL to NOT eat it because of the raw eggs. Let’s take this as a lesson to EVERYONE. I ate it, my throat shut/tongue itched/anxiety made me shake and get nauseous, and I was convinced anaphylactic shock was setting in. Luckily, I got steroids, but I also got some form of mouth sickness from the hospital (or maybe just because it’s winter) and now i’m dying again. Tis the season? (In the hospital my anxiety was so heightened, I couldn’t write or sign my name or anything. I was shaking like my entire body had the shivers. Dylan had to HOLD me in the car. Then, sitting there waiting [as I’m convinced my life is slowly ending] a man gets wheeled in and he’s been stabbed… So, I mean a grown man whining and moaning and panicking was really terrifying and my anxiety went up 432%…)
  2. My neighbors from above. You all have gotten your share of laughs on my statuses as I explained that my neighbor who’s about 8 years old spends at least 7 hours a day practicing tap dancing, yelling about life, and playing a combination of basketball and WWE wresting right above me. She also does not have a bed time, because she does this until 1:00am. She’s awesome. But now there’s MORE to this story… Last week, my life got 100 times better because she got a recorder. Now, this could be a beautiful thing, but she can’t even play Hot Cross Buns. It’s a train wreck.
  3. School Loans & Bank Accounts. I just went through two months of money flying out the window. Moving, Car fixes, Bills, Christmas. Bye Money, see ya never. Then, I went to only 3 credits this semester because hello, graduation is on the horizon. Well, UND and FedLoan apparenlty don’t appreciate me and the fact I’m almost finished with school, so they said “no loans for you.” and I realized this three weeks AFTER my tuition was due & while my bank account was empty. My luck.

Life’s been a ride lately…

But, there’s always sunshine after it rains:

  1. While I don’t have a 6 pack yet, you guys read weekly about how I’m working out again. Which is a party, right? You guys love me shoving things in your face! But my body is feeling better, and it’s changing, and I get stronger. But mainly, my sunshine this week is that my BABY BACK MUSCLES are back in action! I used to have back muscles, then I got fat back, and now my muscles are popping in & I’m so pleased!
  2. I started my taxes tonight. I dreaded this. First, I had three addresses last year. Second, I had THREE addresses last year. Third, I worked in two different states. Fourth, I worked FOUR jobs in Minnesota. Fifth, I had three addresses last year. So far, my return is VERY pretty. (so beautiful) (like more money than I make in a month) (actually a month and a half). So, hello shopping spree! (totally joking, hello savings account. stay in my savings account forever…)

I just need to pay my tuition. I just need to be NOT sick anymore. I just need to move that 8 year old girl to a deserted island…? Happy Tuesday!

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