Each year, I think I write myself about 15 resolutions that end up going straight out the window by January 15th. I think that it’s a human nature thing. We don’t like to do what we’re told to do, even by ourselves. This year though, I’ve decided that goals are more realistic for myself. I write myself a list of goals almost every single day. It could be cleaning the house, a list of school work to do, or just to take a shower and straighten my hair. I feel like making goals is going to make me this “ultimate Jen”, which apparently is unreachable by resolutions… I’m a mess, I know.

In 2015, I started out basically as a goddess version of myself. By my “return home” to Minnesota in July, I was more like the goddess version of a bowl of lumpy potatoes.(Like giant mole filled mushy baked potatoes) I spent a lot of the year unhappy with myself and Dylan got a lot of the brunt of it, just because he was there. I understand we’re not perfect people, and moving out for the first time was far away and lonely, and I chose to eat my loneliness while I was unemployed. I just didn’t make good choices. We made it through a second move, and I ended the year off filled with love and hopeful for the January 1st stereotypical “new year, new me”. Yeah, 2015 was the best year of my life, by far but I went through A LOT and didn’t make the best choices in coping. (Which hurts my heart because I feel like Miller Lite is always the best choice…) I am ready for this fresh start and I am going to take advantage of the new year.

Here are my 2015 goals, my January goal digger.

  1. Return to a “Happy Body” mentality. Get myself back into the gym on a regular basis, say goodbye to eating Milk Duds every night, and cherish my body again. I am going to look smoking hot this summer in a bikini. (I’m SO excited to join a gym tomorrow. Leaving the Y basically killed ALL of my drive to work out. I feel like for the first time in eight months, the fire is in my heart again. It’s that feeling I got in January 2011 when I started my whole journey. Bring it on.)
  2. Finish Growing Up. This year I’m going to graduate, damn it, if it’s the last thing I do. I am striving for that full time job, full time paychecks, and maybe we will actually get married. (I want to have a baby, right now)
  3. Cherish Dylan and Choose him daily. There’s not much explanation here, just a good reminder to honor the “forever relationship” that God gave me.
  4. Positive Vibes, Positive Mind.  Working on seeing the good, eliminating worry, and trying to be less negative. I’m a sassy Sandy and it’s not too cute on me ALL the time.
  5. Write it down. I’m using the planner & notebook in the picture above & working really hard on keeping a “paper record” of my life. It brings the same kind of release blogging does, except for blogging doesn’t see my 1,000 goal lists I make about everything (you’re welcome).

We’ll measure these beauties at the end of the month, and the end of the year. I feel like there’s not a lot of “up in the air” like there was last year. (I lived in mom & dad’s house while Dylan searched for a full time job. This year, I pray to GOD we’re situated for a little while) I’m ready.

What are your New Years Goals/Resolutions? Let’s kick some 2016 booty!

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