I have a sick sense of humor & probably lost 1/4 of my family and friends from ever reading my blog again, but please, let me explain…

Here’s what’s really going on:

Dylan has accepted a job with iHeartMedia Des Moines for the Top 40 Radio Station. He will be the super hip, super awesome, really attractive “night guy”, on air 6-11pm. We are moving in a couple weeks from Lincoln to Des Moines (which was my whole “distance” thing. Cause were coming closer to home), and are SUPER excited to go TOGETHER and embark on another journey. We are young, we are happy, and life throws you curveballs, and we’re fully trying to embrace this next adventure. This is why I keep saying “Life Happens”. This is why my stress has been through the roof. But no matter WHAT has been going on, Dylan has been a ROCK and been by my side, which is where he will stay.

So about the blog:

“Didn’t want it to end this way” HELLO, I finally decorated the apartment. I of course, was not ready to move.

“we wanted different things/Dylan’s at a different place” Dylan wants to continue his climb in radio, and was ready for a new city & a new challenge.

The whole “left the apartment separately & elephant in the room” was genius. I mean come on, we work different jobs, and the elephant was this trip to Des Moines because we needed to find an apartment.

“distance in miles & distance in relationships” let’s be real here. You guys stopped texting me, stopped calling, and no one visited except our parents and Chelsie. It hurt. When Dylan mentioned Des Moines, I BEGGED him. I wanted to be closer to everyone. I wanted to “keep up” with everyone again.

“We are separating” was only from Lincoln. Separating from our jobs and friends, which makes me cry every day. But Dylan will NEVER get rid of me.

With all of that, I’m sorry guys. Putting you through that emotional roller coaster, WAS my intention, but didn’t plan on it being so ill received & confusing. Fortunately, the disgusting life of Jen & Dylan and all the tweets, posts, and instas about our super weird and super awesome relationship continues.¬†IMG_5928

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