A quick synopsis of this weekend as a whole is what you’re getting today! (Homework will be the death of me, and my weekend was time for the family, not documenting the random things I did…)

This weekend the Fairbanks family came to Lincoln! ALL OF THEM! My family decided bringing Zoey and Erin on a seven hour car ride was a good idea. I think about fifteen minutes into the ride they changed their mind, but they couldn’t break my heart. We did some shopping, played lots at the dog park (which was the cutest thing EVER), and spent lots of time hanging out together at the hotel! Sunday was Erin’s birthday, so naturally I feel the need to celebrate. She was allowed to eat part of the cupcake that I bought, and she was not a fan of the party hats. Zoey also got to celebrate, even though she doesn’t turn one until November.

Dylan and I are both very lucky to have people who will come to Lincoln and sit in a hotel room and hang out with us. Thank you mom  & dad for driving a long drive, through construction, with two annoying dogs to visit for even a short weekend! We appreciate you coming down, and we miss all of you already! WE LOVE YOU!

If you want to see the birthday celebration of the century, it’s summed up pretty well right here:

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