Listen, we’re starting this friday five out with a BANG. There is a chance that no other blog will EVER measure this. First, it’s reliving the childhood that we all regret leaving. Second, I have a co-blogger this week. Third, let’s just go back to it’s our childhood and the feelings this post will give you will be un-measurable. Welcome to the friday five, hope you enjoy!

Friday Five #1: Top Five Disney Channel Original Movies

Jen’s List:

A story about high school kids who’s rollerblading hobby becomes a career? Who wouldn’t want that lifestyle when you’re 8? I seriously love this movie more than I ever should. Side note: This is the ONLY movie on both my list & Dylan’s list. The only thing we have agreed on is TEAM PUP N SUDS.

4. Wish Upon A Star
Katherine Heigl when I actually liked her. This movie just speaks to me. The jeep the sister drives, the shoes that she wore in the movie I had my mom purchase for my barbies to wear, the sarcasm that came from the little sister. Also, they drank diet coke EVERYDAY at lunch, so obviously they are my spirit animals.

3. Smart House
I love this movie. I loved this movie years ago, and I loved it two weeks ago when we watched it. I mean, obviously I want to be awaken every single day by a music video on my wall, and not Dylan’s morning breath.

2. Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century
A story about the world we live in today, if only science would have figured itself out. I still hope that one day I have the option to live on a space station in the sky, and also maybe meet a superstar with frosted tips… “ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM MAKE MY HEART GO BOOM BOOM MY SUPERNOVA GIRL.”

1. Stuck in the Suburbs
My obsession with this movie is disgusting. Sickening. Honestly. I have watched this over 100 times. I had it Tivo’d at home in Minnesota, and as late as April I can recall watching it when I was bored. First, I think I was Brenda Song’s biggest fan, second they chase around an early 20’s singer. Can’t say I haven’t done that plenty of times. (Or slept on the floor of the mall of america for 14 hours, but who’s counting) I just love this movie. Thank you Disney Channel.

Dylan’s List:


5. Don’t Look Under The Bed
A scary Disney channel movie that was about having an imaginary friend who turns bad! Having imaginary friends was never a phase during my childhood…so I’m not sure why I like this movie so much but it was spooky. I dig spooky.

4. The Thirteenth Year
A boy turns the big 1-3 and weird stuff and changes start happening to his body (ITS CALLED PUBERTY KID!!! We have all been there!) His case was a little different, whenever he came in contact with water he turned into A MERMAID…well a MER-MAN! I was about 6 when this movie came out and I COULD NOT WAIT to turn 13 and try and get wet and become a mermai…..MERMAN (Sorry Again). June 2nd, 2006 eventually came around and nope, I’m not a merman…just another disappointing birthday.

*Sorry if I offended any mermaids in the making of this blog.

3. Brink!
A kid gets sponsored to roller blade…that was the dream as a child. I wanted nothing more than to be apart of team PUP N SUDS!

2. Luck of the Irish
A story about a boy with a lot of luck but unaware of his heritage. He comes to find out he is Irish and the necklace he wears is the good luck charm. After he realizes its missing he becomes down on his luck and his Mom becomes a wee bit different! (If you have seen this movie, you are laughing your shaft off after that joke) I’m not Irish at least I don’t think so….Grandma Babe I think you  are my only shot at being Irish so I hope you are reading this to tell me. Due to this movie (and “RUDY”) I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE IRISH!!!! I’m a pretty lucky guy, I have red hair, but may or may not be Irish.

1. Halloweentown
A girl comes to find out that she is a witch and that things are going horribly wrong in Halloween Town. So she teams up with her family to defeat evil and return Halloween Town to its original state. This is my ALL TIME favorite Disney Channel Original Movie! It is a MUST WATCH during Halloween. I have watched the Halloween Town series every single year since it came out. It is what makes Halloween the most complete for me.

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Moral of the story: Our childhood’s should be relived, in order to really appreciate these movies. You can find a list of Disney Channel Original movies here. You can also buy most of them for $6-10 on Amazon. I just made your plans for the next five weekends of your life. Please comment below and discuss YOUR favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, because we all know you have them.

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