Let me preface you and say this weekend was BORING! No exciting football games, no shopping trips with amazing finds, just a lot of togetherness. First, we woke up at 7:00am, because that’s what I LOVE to do on Saturdays, and we took the cars in to get the recalls fixed. Bless Dylan, because I’ve had recalls on my car for two years, and I just keep ignoring them. After that, we got lunch at Mazatlan, a Mexican restaurant that I’m already craving again. It was SO good! Night time was filled with a mattress in the middle of the living room floor, stepping up the game on “Netflix and Chill”. We also played Pong, which Dylan was the winner winner chicken dinner. We are so eventful.

Typical Sunday. We cleaned, we footballed, we cleaned more. Seriously, such a boring weekend, but it was SO awesome. (I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon. My goal for the rest of the day is to convince Dylan to take my to get wings. Here’s to hoping!)

I do have some type of excitement to share though. I have been focusing solely on Instagram, leaving a lack of blog posts for the week. After thinking it through, I have decided to be a little more scheduled in my posting! Each Tuesday will be a blog post, without a theme. Could be fashion, lifestyle, adventure, venting, who knows. Thursdays are Pinterest Thursdays, with things that I have created, cooked, or found on Pinterest that I love! Friday brings the friday five. That will be a top five list of whatever my heart desires. Sunday evenings will continue with always, Saturday & Sunday. A little more posting, a little more variety, a little more bloggy. Have a great week!

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