Saturday was our first Husker game. If you are friends with me on facebook, you’ve already read how our game experience went.  First was tailgating. That rocked. Free drinks, free food, free dancing. That was awesome. The game though, the game was…. interesting. First, you sit on benches. So we bought these seat-back things. They basically boost you up and give you even LESS room to move. So I returned them, and we got comfortable snuggling with those next to us on the bench. Then, we sat by a nice group of people who came to the game from their farm. Didn’t even bother to shower, so we got a whole lotta cow up our nose. So all was okay, we were used to being completely uncomfortable and smelling the cow, until the worst part happened. Go Big Red. Let me say, that chanting for your team is awesome. WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS. Chanting for your team for 3 hours for NO REASON is ANNOYING. “GOOOOOOO BIG RED, GO BIG RED.” is not necessary. Sorry Huskers, but I will stick to my “Ski-U-Mah”. We made it to half time. It was cool to watch 89,000 people LOVE a team this much. I’m thankful Minnesota has MANY different college & professional sports so we can spread out our superfans, because this was a little out of control. Until next time, Huskers.


Happy Birthday to me! We woke up, and ate cake. Then watched the Chicago Bears lose, and ate cake. Then I got a foot massage, took a nap, woke up, and ate cake. Dinner was at Old Chicago, per tradition. I spent money at Target on basically nothing, per usual. Came home & washed my hair, did laundry, and realized I’m pretty old. I ate a little more cake, and once my stomach was so sour that I felt like dying, I stopped eating cake and put it in the garbage. Dylan got my a Fossil watch, and the Tom’s booties that I talked about HERE. Life is good. Did I tell you my cake was a hamburger? Gorgeous. Flawless. Happy. Here’s to 24.

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