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Welcome to Pt.2 in the September series. “September & goals”. When I used to blog and they were private, I would make these monthly goals & then by about the 5th of the month, I would throw them out the window. Who cares, no one knows about my goals, so I don’t have to follow them. But this month, and with the growth of my blog, I feel like I need real life goals, because I’m a real life person. Please enjoy my FOUR GOALS FOR SEPTEMBER 2015.

Goal #1: “Get it right, get it tight.”
Get it right, get it tight includes basically every aspect of fitness rolled into one goal. First, let’s shed a few more pounds. Second, let’s continue with this macro business. Third, meal prep. No brainer. Fourth, back in the gym. Basically, for the last three months, I’ve been doing all four of these things, none of which at the same time. This does bring me to goal #2, but it gets to be it’s own goal.

Goal #2: “H2-oh yeaaah.”
This last week I’ve been so dehydrated that my feet hurt. This summer I had been doing really good on drinking about 4 blender bottles of water a day, until there was a sale on pop at the store. Now it’s basically all I’m drinking, and my body is suffering. Bringin’ back the hydration.

Goal #3: “Your hair looks cute.”
The first time I typed this out it was called “give one compliment a day”. I figured that giving someone a compliment would suffice as my “daily good deed”, but then I realized that I’ve spent the better part of three years ignoring the person who needs the lovin’ the most: ME. It’s been QUITE the struggle to look in the mirror and say “you look decent”, because normally it’s more like “WOOF girl, nice gut.” So not only do I plan on giving the world some love, I plan on giving myself the same dose of happy.

Goal #4: “Thank you.”
This goal is for one person, who doesn’t hear it enough. (Cue the background music, the cheesy words that are coming, and hold back your vomit.) Dylan does a lot for me, and while I may say thank you for all the big things, or the things he buys me, I rarely thank him for the little stuff. He straightens my hair, gives me foot massages, lets me over-decorate the house, lies to me when I burn his bacon, and basically is a saint in a Hogwarts Bath Robe. This month, and every month, I feel like I need to throw a couple more fist bumps, a few more sloppy kisses, and a MANY more thank yous his way for all that’s he doing for me, and our future.
CHEEEEEEEEEESY. yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let’s have a chat on the 30th, see what I accomplished, hope to see you there. Let me know YOUR goals for this month.

Tomorrow is “always, September & fall”. Basically I’m going to throw up my love of this season all over you.

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