Because who doesn’t spend their Saturday spending a ridiculous amount of money on things they don’t need at all?

Stop #1: Lincoln Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s Market Flowers: $5.00. I always get sucked into fresh flowers. Especially on a cloudy day filled with rain. These four little beauties brought some sunshine into our day, and perhaps out last little grasp at summer.

Second Stop: Gateway Mall.
Forever 21 – $6.90. I’m basically FORCED to go out and party every Thursday night. Drinking for free and watching drunk girls has become a skill, worthy of my resume. This necklace gives me the ability to pretend I look really cute, but still just wear a t-shirt and hide the Miller Lite baby that my stomach is harvesting.

Stop #3: South Point Pavilion.
Old Navy – Shirt: $8.00 (Regularly $15.95) Jeggings $15.00 (Regularly $29.95)
All of Old Navy is on sale. It’s glorious. This t-shirt is a cotton blend, boyfriend cut, maroon & white striped beauty. Basically, it’s going to become my best piece of clothing this fall. Then these jeans. They’re not real jeans and there’s nothing better than that. Plus, look at that muffin top. Oh wait, it doesn’t exist? PRAISE JESUS HALLELUJAH. These pants are a thing of beauty.

Michael’s. Ampersand $4.89 (Regularly $7.99) Pumpkins $12.00 ea. (Regularly $19.99 ea.) Cork Boxes $2.00 (Regularly $12.00). Michael’s was glorious. I found this ampersand for 40% off, so obviously it was something that was necessary in my life. For some reason Dylan and I have decided that it’s time for fall, and all we do is talk about decorating the house for Halloween, so these pumpkins magically ended up in our lives. Lastly, I decided that these cork boxes would make for good organization. Mainly, I have this gross love of cork, and Dylan has no control on me, so they came home with us too.

T’was a good weekend. Full of things I didn’t even know I needed!

Question: I’m looking for a mirrored drink tray, to act has a decoration staple on our living room table. The ones at HomeGoods were VERY spendy. If you have a lead, let me know!

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