Twelve hours ago, I decided that our apartment needed a makeover. Life moves too fast, and we cherish our little apartment. It’s our first real place together & we take pride in how well kept & beautiful it is. Welcome to my Saturday.

Before:  While the personalization of this gallery wall was why I created it, I felt like there was too much going on, and in no direction. I couldn’t deal with my self inflicted wall clutter. (Plus, I’ve been DYING to get some gold on the walls)

After (Part One): 
Nope. Jen, no. While I spent three hours painting the S, printing pictures, buying a new clock, and organizing my entire life, this was not what I wanted to see every time I walked into the house. And after putting the project on a six hour hold, I was struck by the interior design bug that I was waiting for.

The real after: 
Gallery wall details:
1. Grey & White: paint chips. (FREE AT HARDWARE STORES)
2. Clock: Target. ($8.99)
3. You are loved, I love us, capture prints: Gallery wall pack ($1.49)
4. S: Hobby Lobby (30% off – $3.49)
5. Hanging Pictures: Printed at Target ($15.00 approx.)
6. Deer Picture & Diamond: Hobby Lobby (50% off, both for $12!)
7. Keys: Dylan’s parents shed, all used, for real life old.
8. Frames: Goodwill, Target, Walmart ($20.00 for ALL)

Total Price: $62!
(This has been an accumulation over the past 9 months or so. I would suggest planning ahead & purchasing as you see sales. Make Hobby Lobby your best friend)

I’m so pleased with the end result, hope you enjoy this first little peak into our first little together home.
always, &.

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