Ya’ll. The last two months have been filled with so many new things. I tried new foods, moved and got new furniture, got new clothes and listened to new music! Today- we’re breaking down my Top Five Things from Spring 2017.

*Items in this post were gifted to me from Tobi and ThredUp. All opinions of gifted items are my own, and do not influence the content posted. For more information about my disclosures on alwaysampersand, visit here.

Top Five “Things” Spring 2017.

#5. New Clothes, Who dis?

Let’s just say Spring 2017 is the spring of the “exposed shoulder”. For some reason, I’ve taken that trend and threw it off a cliff, then jumped off after it. I’m obsessed. When I was approached by Tobi and ThredUp, about 90% of my cart was filled with things exposing my shoulder.

First, let’s talk Tobi. Tobi is extremely good price for their quality. (like, acutally a steal. These are not crappy cheapy clothes) Sometimes I am approached by companies wanting to send me free product, but if I can’t afford it not gifted, I’m not going to talk about it. This Gemma Scallop Skater Dress is insane. The details are so beautiful and I couldn’t even wear jewelry with it because it’s like it’s own accessory piece. It’s perfect for a stroll through the Farmer’s Market downtown, a cute BBQ, or lunch on a patio. This dress fit totally true to size, and the cinched waist gave you body, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting like a paper bag. Want your own? Snag it HERE!

I snagged the middle dress from ThredUp, and it still had the tags on it. So basically, I got a brand new dress, for $8.00. That’s the beauty with ThredUp, it’s second hand clothing- but some of it hasn’t even been used. If you need something professional, designer, or just cute and don’t want to spend the money, this is your place. ThredUp proclaims they’re “Secondhand Clothing, Firsthand Fun” I saw a pair of $487.00 shoes on there for (wait for it) $46.00. What? Also, there’s Lululemon on there for CHEAP.

My other favorite OTS top came from TJ Maxx, and I see new ones in there every single time I visit. If you’re weary about online shopping (don’t be), you could check there too!

Give me that shoulder ya’ll.

#4. Despacito

I can’t stop listening to this song. I can’t. Like, over and over. I just want to memorize the Spanish part- but I don’t understand it, so struggle bus. Watch it below and tell me it’s NOT stuck in your head all day…

#3. “New Finds On Amazon”

Guys, this isn’t gifted, paid for, or even an advertisement. I am obsessed with the “new things to explore” bar at the top of Amazon.com (you have to be signed in to your Amazon account). It’s got thousands of things you’d never go on Amazon to search for, and you never knew you actually needed. Yes, I have four things in my cart, and they’re all from this. Hours. HOURS of my life is spent on this page.

#2. Veggie Straws

I just wanted to tell you guys that the Zesty Ranch Vegetable Straws are my entire world. I eat them every single day. I crave them. I love them. Buy them here. 

#1. Walks With Ellie

She’s the naughtiest thing on this entire planet, but she’s my favorite hello & hardest goodbye. And before some animal hater says “what about your husband”, it’s different. When she looks in my face, I want to cry because she’s so cute. Then, we go for a walk because I know it’s what she wants!

When we go for a walk, I try to not dress homeless because we live downtown and people see me. Thankfully, when I was making my choices on Tobi, I found this top. I wanted to wear it with jeans and heels, for a cute summer date night outfit, but the neckline of the shirt went to my nipples so… no. It’s loose and lightweight, so throwing a cute sports bra on underneath it was perfect. I never intended to make this a “Ellie and Mommy walk” outfit, and here we are. I think I wear it three times a week, but that’s a whole other problem. Want your own Caitlyn Cat Collar Tee? Get it HERE

I also want to point out that Tobi sent me this sweatshirt dress, but I’m a tall girl & it shows the booty whenever I walk! I wanted to show it to ya’ll in case you’re not 5 foot 8, and you need something comfy to lounge in. (I totally still wear mine, just couldn’t take an internet appropriate picture of it!) Check it out HERE

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

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