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Okay, we’re not channeling Rihanna today… (We should channel Rihanna every single day of our lives though) Actually we’re going to celebrate YOU! We’re a group off bad ass bitches, navigating our way through our twenties and yet we never actually celebrate it. Thirsty Thursday should not be a celebration. Also, give up on Thirsty Thursday you’re not 21 anymore. Today, We’re talking about getting out of town! I’m giving you FIVE PLACES you can go to celebrate yourself and really be proud for everything you’ve accomplished. Can you say, VACATION TIME? (Use up those paid vacation days work is giving you & these won’t BREAK THE BANK!)

1. Las Vegas, NV

I’m going to throw this out there- this is biased. Las Vegas is my favorite place on the entire planet. I’ve done plenty of Expedia / Orbitz / Kayak price comparing, and for the hotel room size, dates and availability- New York New York is one of the top hotels to stay in. Dylan and I have stayed, and we loved it. You are so far up that you don’t hear the casino or the strip at all! Other Vegas tips: Stay during the week, #Vegas on ANY social media- you’ll get promoters throwing you into the clubs for free, and buy your alcohol from the convenience stores (CVS / Walgreens)! I love Vegas so much.

2. Carnival Cruise Lines

This may seem a little biased because we’ve traveled on it, but as a “budget cruise line” this has pretty much all of the amenities you need for a girl’s trip. For only $49.99 per day, you can get hooked up with the Cheers! Beverage Package and drink FOR FREE the whole cruise. It’s also not bottom barrel alcohol, like I was drinking Grey Goose as the “basic” vodka. Plus, Carnival constantly has deals on their short cruises. Like, for real deals. Right now, they have Mexico 4-day cruises for 180.00 PER PERSON. Less than $200.00 to cruise? Get booking HERE.

3. Mazatlan, Mexico

I read that the exchange rate, dollar to peso is so cheap on our dollar side, that it’s one of the most afforable places to travel- in the world. I did a little price compare on to find that Mazatlan has the best overall prices. Doubled back to this Forbes article & they agreed. Their stated “rates were as low as $100 for a family of four”. Grab your girlfriends & hit the road, jack! (but actually- take a plane, cause that border is no joke)

4. Nashville. AKA, I’ve never been here, but I feel like it’s my place in the world.

Everyone wants to go to Nashville. I’ve never been, but it made my list because I pine to go. There’s music, there’s bars, there’s good food and there’s so many little places to discover. Expedia has the hook up HERE on a bunch of super cheap travel packages that will give you the ability to spend less than $250.00 total. Treat yo’ self right? I also read this NBC article that talks about Cheap Nashville Travel, and let’s be honest- we all need to go. Like, shout out to the $47/night Red Roof Inn, let’s do it.

5. Wisconsin. I’m not kidding.

Not your typical “getaway”, but when you’re balling on a budget, this place is actually fun. And for once, a blogger isn’t telling you to go to Wisconsin Dells. That place is overrated. If you’re looking for a woodsy-esque getaway with the girls, let me just give you this website: Jellystone. Yes, like the Jellystone for kids, except not. All the activities there are kid focused, and while you’d rather do anything but hang out with kids all weekend, it’s not just some free for all. Dylan & I went a couple years ago & we found these cabins you can rent at the resort that are like houses! Basically you bring in tons of alcohol, split it with 9 other people and all pay like $60.00 TOTAL for the weekend! There’s pools to swim in, tanning, bonfires and movies- but you don’t have to do any of it. You can literally go get drunk in a cabin a little bit away from “everything”.


It’s Vacation Time.

*Also, if you ARE trying to break the bank… San Luis Obispo in California and the Grand Lucayan Resort in Freeport Bahamas are definitely options. Overall though, if you have extra money, take a seven day cruise that makes lots of stops & really just enjoy the ship life.

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