News Flash: You’re going to get rejected.

Maybe it’s from the person you thought you were going to marry. Maybe it’s from your first real job. Maybe it’s from the job you want, the boy you want, or the side hustle you needed. It could be from a number of things that you really really want and it’s going to really really suck. Like, it totally sucks. I can just feel the cringe from the uncomfortable moments that comes after rejection, and sometimes- it’s not just the cringe. There’s a lot of feelings that contribute to rejection, so today we’re going to talk about surviving it.

Five Steps To Surviving Rejection, cause rejection really sucks.

1. Feel it.

Rejection is not fun. Burying those feelings will not make your life easier. You need to give yourself time to go through how the rejection made you feel, and recognize all of the feelings. Are you sad? Are you pissed? Are you frustrated? Are you hurt? You can be all of those things, so recognize exactly how the rejection made you feel.

2. Go Through it.

Take each of those feelings and separate them from each other. Then, recognize which feelings are valid (are you frustrated because he told you he wanted to marry you?), and which feelings are not (are you mad you didn’t get hired, but you didn’t really have qualifications?). Take a look at all of the feelings and get ready to remove the ones that are continuing to hurt you from your life.

3. Separate Yourself From it.

Was the rejection really all about you? Was some of the rejection about the job you didn’t get, and another interviewee’s skills? Was some of the rejection because your boyfriend was really shitty and wasn’t ready? Think about the rejection and how it affected the other people. This is not easy. Especially hard when it’s affecting your day to day life, but you have to remember that this has to do with others too.

4. Think About Yourself.

If you were your own best friend, how would you console them in this situation? Tell yourself that things will be okay. There’s sunshine beyond the rain, things will get better or the group of happy Pinterest quotes that you pull out of your ass.

Remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn… (Which doesn’t make sense…but I’m consoling you here)

5. Grow From It.

The only way to go is up. How can you change in order to better yourself in the future? Can you make sure to apply to jobs you’re more qualified for? Can you as the interviewer specific skills they’re looking for beforehand? Can you be positive that you have friends or a man who’s going to help you grow? It’s not easy to grow after rejection hurts you, but it’s important that you do. Your twenties is about growth- you can do it.

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