Guys, I’ve been so excited to talk about this, because I find it so interesting! Backstory: All our lives we’ve been told that we’re introverts or extroverts. Your either really 100% love to be out in big groups, making lots of friends and are pretty much outgoing or you’re the opposite. You might really like being solo, having alone time and get kind of uncomfortable in big groups. Yet, so many people have both qualities. 

Introducing the Ambivert…?

Once I realized that I sometimes liked being with people and also sometimes needed to be completely alone- I realized that I didn’t fit into the category of introvert OR extrovert, and it was something that drove me insane. Then, I listened to Stassi’s podcast “Straight Up With Stassi” and she talked about herself being an ambivert. *Interest Peaked* I read about it for more time than I needed to, and took THIS QUIZ.  Take it. Take five minutes to take it.

I got the result: Situational Extrovert. 

Duh. I could have told you that. Basically, people like me have times when they need to be alone (or like, you can’t be in big groups for a super long time). We also have times (like work) where we’re fine with being in big groups, but most of the time we would prefer not to dance on the bar at the club. We’re just normal?

Here’s a pretty interesting article on Introverts, Extroverts & Ambiverts

Then, I took this quiz for people I know…

I took this quiz for Dylan, pretending that I’d know what he’d answer. Dylan’s so much less able to sit alone and have “him time”, but he also doesn’t really enjoy being in huge crowds. I got like a 35 (which was closer to an introvert). Dylan got like a 60 (which means he is closer to an extrovert). We’re overall ambiverts. 

I took it for my mom (more introverted), my best friend Chelsie (more extroverted) and Dylan’s mom (more extroverted). I could have pegged all of these, just based on how I know them… But at the end of the day… Guess what? We are all ambiverts. 

Which, kind of makes me think, is anyone an introvert or an extrovert at all?

Go take that quiz and let me know what YOU are below!


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