Hey Wives,

You’re constantly under pressure not only to just be wives but to also be super moms, business women, Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart and some type of super model-comedian hybrid to be the perfect woman. Except your not. Actually, through my internet research, Facebook stalking & total creepage- I’ve found out that there’s so much that we think we need to be that we don’t. We get it, the woman communicates- the man keeps it all in and so your husband never actually tells you how he feels… ANNOYING. Luckily for you, I’ve gone through the internet to find things the husbands wished their wives knew!

I get the dilemma, why can’t he just say it, along with where did you find these, and also my man would never say this is all going through your head. I have one of those, too. A husband who doesn’t talk to me about his “feelings”. In fact, at the end of this post, I ask Dylan to tell me five things that he wished I knew by begging him. Next, these were husbands that I found through alwaysampersand on Facebook (I reached out to some cool dudes, are one of them your husband?). These are all anonymous, but hella cute. Lastly, YES your man would say this. Give your husband some credit, he chose you, he loves you, and he thinks things like this all the time. 

10 Things Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew

  1. I wish you’d stop worrying about what you wear to work. It makes me super jealous to watch a daily meltdown, knowing full well you’re going to work with a bunch of men. I wish she knew that jealousy wasn’t just a fight, it’s a feeling about wanting to protect my wife from the world.
  2. I wish my wife knew that I keep track of the money and that no matter how many Lu La Roe things she thinks she’s “disguising”, I know she’s buying it every week! It’s okay though, she deserves it, right?
  3. I want my wife to know that I know she’s doing the best she can, and even when she forgets to buy milk or make dinner, I know she’s still holding our entire family together.
  4. I wish I could convince her to kiss me every time she’s mad instead of ignoring me.
  5. I wish my wife knew that still after ten years, she’s spectacular to me. The way her eyes sparkle, the way she looks in the mirror when she gets dressed up, the way she laughs at me when I say something silly. I’m still hooked on her.
  6. To my soon to be wife, I wish you knew I was actually going to propose. I wish you weren’t so concerned with doing it before other people in your family and realize that I’m just trying to make this so special for you! Stop asking!
  7. I wish you would smile more. I fell in love with your smile.
  8. I wish my wife knew that I wouldn’t be anywhere without her support when we had nothing. Every single time I’ve ever wanted to give up, she was there to push me harder and help me realize that we were actually going to make it.
  9. I wish my wife knew that i didn’t settle, she did. I will never be enough of a man for her.
  10. I wish that my wife knew really deep down how much I loved her. She hears I love you, every single day, but I dont think she really knows how much I love her. Sometimes I think about her when I’m at work, and my chest hurts. Sometimes I think about bringing her flowers, but hestitate because social media ruins it. I want to share these moments of love with her and not a bunch of her high school friends.

5 Things Dylan Wished I Knew

Lol, jokes on you. Maybe your husband is like Dylan and when I asked him to tell me things “He wished I knew” he responded with “why? That’s weird, and I tell you everything, what are you talking about?” So, that was a fail? No.

The reason it’s not a fail, and the reason your relationship isn’t a fail is because of two things. 1. Your man probably shows you love daily. Take it when you can get it. and 2. These are things that he thinks, he just doesn’t remember it when he’s on the spot. Have you ever thought something along the lines of “he’s so cute when he laughs”? Yep, he’s probably thought those things too… Yet, he’s a man, so he doesn’t remember them like us ladies do.

I know Dylan loves me, and I don’t need to have him list me off the reasons why. I know it’s because I have a big butt. Got it. 

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