We Are Millennials & We Need Help.

A couple of months ago, we talked about how to survive your twenties from our parents. They said things like save your money, go on vacations, & don’t settle. Yet, their twenties were not in a time that our twenties are… Sure, those tips are all really important- but it’s different when you hear it from actual millennials. In this two part series, we’re talking about what millennials think is the hardest part about being millennials, and how millennials think we can all survive our twenties… together. Read about what these ten twenty-somethings think about being a twenty-something.

Part Two: How can we survive our twenties while going through growth & change?

Surviving your twenties is all in your head. That’s honestly the only way that you’re going to survive. You have to believe that no matter how many things change in the next ten years (of our twenties), we can only do it alone. (Sorry to be realistic lol)

I would have to say taking every day as it comes is the only way to get through it. Life is hard, especially in your 20’s. I’m expected to work full time, go to school full time, raise a child, and keep my house clean 24/7, and I just can’t. I have to take each day as it comes and not think ahead too much, otherwise I would pass out from the overwhelming amounts of anxiety I’d have daily.

I think that being kind to yourself is essential. Accept and explore the things that interest you. Try not to pressure yourself into sticking with one path, just because of what others may think’. Make time for self-care and take a little time away from anything digital, to switch off and refresh your mind.

Undoubtedly, I think the most important issue millennials face is our mental health. It’s so important to recognize it exists and we need to take care of ourselves since we face a lot of stress with going to college, or not, and dealing with student loans when we graduate. A lot of millennials participate in multiple organizations, job, and volunteer opportunities. It’s so easy to overwork yourself, and if we want to succeed in everything we do, we have to make sure our mind and wellness are okay.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t know everything. You can always be learning something new from someone else or your experiences. Also to relax and enjoy your 20’s because you will miss them when they’re over and live them up while you can.

I think my biggest price of advice for surviving your twenties is don’t do something because your friends, family, peer group, etc want you to or expect you to do something. I know I’ve changed SO MUCH in what I expect from myself over the last 5 years and if I cared at all about what people expected from me, I can imagine how hard it would be to trust my gut. I say, slow down, find what you want, and DO YOU BOO. Everything will be okay, you won’t die from failure, just keep moving

Okay best thing to surviving, traveling. Setting goals, planning and getting out and seeing the world. That’s a positive about being a millennial, we know there is so much to see! The best thing I have done is set goals for the year INCLUDING traveling, reading, sending real life paper letters to people ! You have to unplug and start to become mindful. Everyone is just in a rush to be on top. Gotta enjoy the damn journey.

Never settle for another person. Not a boyfriend/girlfriend, not your family, not your friends. Settle only when it sets your soul on fire & never before.

Get married when you’re ready, save money when you’re ready and travel when you’re ready. You have the rest of your life to be stuck in an office with a 401k and lunch from tupperware. Find a person, go on adventures and never ever think about somedays when something could be done today!

Sorry girl, but this one will be short and sweet. Never sleep with the guy you meet in the bar, unless he’s already met you at the church on Sunday, dinner on Saturday, and with his friends on Friday. If he is unwilling to meet pre-reqs then boy bye.

We will survive our twenties together…

*All real interviews have removed the names of the interviewees for protection of alwaysampersand readers!*

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